Surprise Sideboob, Stripper Serenade + More Clips You Need To See This Week! (Video)

Barbara Dunkelman from Rooster Teeth joins us this week for probably our best episode yet. Grab a beer and let’s watch some internet!

Plank walker – Via ViralHog
Smash Bros – User Submitted
Arrow dicks – Via ViralHog
Pranking Dad – Via Jukin Media
Uncle reflexes – Via Jukin Media
Kids watch turtles having sex – User Submitted
Dog caught lickin’ – Via ViralHog
Disaster house – Via Jukin Media
Cool Cat – Via ViralHog
Cat unties bikini – Via Jukin Media
Cat brawl – Via ViralHog
Otter snacking – Via ViralHog
Singing pole dancer – Via Jukin Media
Magic fingers – Via ViralHog
Creepiest party trick – Via Jukin Media

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