Tornado is closer-than-CLOSE…storm chaser’s nickname “DEATH WISH” (Video)

Storm Chaser releases footage of Tornado in Nebraska.
I’ve decided the guys nickname should absolutely be “DEATH WISH”.
Story from the day of Twister:
“We left from Springfield Missouri, around 5 pm and headed west then north to stay the night in central Kansas to be closer to our target. With every chase, it’s a gamble on if you are going to see something. So sometimes you gamble for the big prizes and other times you lose it all. The models showed what could be a big day in the Nebraska panhandle. After driving around chasing some marginal stuff the first tornado was confirmed southwest of McCook and we positioned our self north of town. We waited then Randy was like its time let’s go. We got down the road, dropped the probe, and backed up just a bit, and watched as the tornado went across the road. After it passed we picked up the probe and tried to stay with but with limited roads, we lost it.”

Via: Viral Hog

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