Welcome to “Operation Break John’s Credit Card” (Video)

Every year now for 5 years on the Friday before Memorial Day, Veterans and First Responders from across the country join me at Shiner’s Saloon for “Operation Break John’s Credit Card.” It works like this: I throw down my personal credit card and our Veterans order whatever they want. The goal is to run up the highest possible tab until Visa shuts down my card, which takes a couple hours give or take. This is one of my most cherished traditions at theCHIVE.

This year we’d like to add a layer. I’m opening up theCHIVE HQ from 4-5pm for our Veterans and Active Duty to bring in their challenge coins to fill the rest of our American Flag challenge coin holder. To understand why this is so important please watch the video.

Email chivenation@thechive.com and RSVP right now, you can bring a +1 if you like but please specify that in your email.

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