Crabs scare the sh!t out of me (20 photos)

a huge monster crabs 5 Crabs scare the sh!t out of me (20 photos)

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  • SreyaNotfilc

    Ya, but they taste soooo good!

  • anonymous

    kill it with faiyuhhhhhh!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    some good eatin right there

  • roberto

    yeah, crab time

  • dingo32

    i still think giant crabs will rule the world one day….

  • Maddie

    i am absolutely scared to death of crabs. this is the scariest bunch of pics on the chive.

  • rso

    a much scarier movie than Hitchkock’s “The Birds” would be “The Crabs”. they’re aweful creatures. you know how we have bbq or sour cream and oninon potato chips? in russia they have “crab” flavored pototo chips.

  • ...

    lol the 4th is funny and the 2nd from bottom i thought it was a turtle when i first saw it. :/

  • asd

    whats with the crabs throwing up the gang signs?

  • Justin

    Beat this: A bowl of salad greens with lots of crab meat and oyster crackers, all drenched in 1000 Island dressing. And a pint or two of ice cold Widmer Hefeweizen with lemon.

  • Jpadawan

    Craaaaaaaab people! Craaaaaaaab people! Craaaaaaaab people!

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