Crazy lady jumps in polar bear tank, gets mauled (4 Photos)

polar bear crazy lady1 Crazy lady jumps in polar bear tank, gets mauled (4 Photos)

Here’s how it went down. A bat-shit-crazy lady jumped over the wall at the Berlin zoo and into the polar bear tank while they were being fed. She swam toward the animals while the trainers tried to distract the four bears. One bear was not so easily distracted and waited for the crazy bitch AKA ‘lunch’ to arrive. The bear mauled the woman’s arms and legs, causing massive injuries before the trainers were able to push the 600 lb. polar bear off her.

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  • LOL

    Damn…I’m glad stupid hurts. Maybe she’ll get an infection from that green water. Some people shouldn’t be in the gene pool.

    • George Danger Cruz

      Some say she… BEARly made it… hehe… -..-


    This is a great site guys! Makes me laugh everytime. that poor crazy ass bitch needs mental attention

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  • francisco

    dead wish?
    or no brains!

  • SreyaNotfilc


  • junephilippines

    hope there’s blood… hehehe…

    wish to see her being ripped apart…


  • xclusive02

    wish there were more photos. she deserved every minute of this.

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  • robin yates

    the woman was mentally ill you blockheads !

  • darwin

    natural selection at work.

  • Nate_karr

    THIS my friends is exactly what hitler was trying to prevent… to bad we cut him short from finishing. or else this wouldn’t have happened. and bloody pictures?

  • Joe K

    Did you just support Hitler?? If that was your attempt at being funny, please kill yourself

  • cookiemonster

    that was reckless

  • ...

    It’s her own fault for jumping in… And the sad part, They probably killed that bear.

  • icantbelieveyouvedonethis

    Hitler was trying to stop people from jumping into polar bear exhibits? You are officially the poster boy for dumbshits on the chive message board. Next time keep your idiotic comments to yourself.

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