Hot Right Now: Here come the hunnies & funnies (20 Photos)

Worst English translations ever Part 5 (20 Photos)

english bad stuff Worst English translations ever Part 5 (20 Photos)

Thanks to Dominique for sending a lot of these awesomely bad translations, for more check out his website right here. Also, send all your bad english to
Chive on! – Leo and John

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  • babynightsoil

    the one about feeding fish with yr private is from chengdu

  • Name

    “It’s such a fine day today. we can see many people disporting themselves in the park.”

    -Mickey Morse

  • nocciolina

    “Happy Fingerling” totally got me

  • A Nony Mous

    Happy Fingerling really isn't that bad of a translation, assuming it had to do with the fish. A small fish is called a fingerling.

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