Owned -Part 2 (25 photos)

a pwn3d owned own3d 3 Owned  Part 2 (25 photos)

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  • robin yates

    thanks for more great pics

  • digitsis

    that first one – OUCH!

  • aws
  • sickboy

    must be suck to be the cyclist -_-

  • just so so


  • miko4372520

    the girl biting the other girl’s boob was more like an ouch than owned, I felt that sorry

  • joe

    What's not seen in the javelin accident photo is that the javelin had already passed through the neck of another bystander, killing him instantly, before impaling the woman in the foot.

  • dave

    I would be so pissed at the idiot H2 driver.

  • Ali

    Guy at school got a javelin through is arse, he was know as "kebab" there after

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