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Only in Romania (23 Photos)

only in romania Only in Romania (23 Photos)

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  • peabody


  • hmm....

    my best friend is from Romania she said it’s a shit-hole!!!!!

  • Vlad

    Damn, it really sucks that the only pictures on this site related to Romania are these… THIS IS NOT ROMANIA… i wouldn’t say anything and i would appreciate the humor if these we’re the only pictures of our country

    • vlad

      * weren’t the only pictures

  • MNX


  • lucian

    A World Without Romania ……

  • Underhill

    Some of these could have been taken anywhere. Check out the border crossing
    at Los Indios, Texas..

  • dragovich

    these are ethnic minorities, who live well, how dare you insinuate that others are so, if for example, in your country the problem arises how do you feel?

  • Vanessa Rodriguez

    so from the comments its bad to show the bad part f a country but its perfectly acceptable to make fun of america and show all of our bad sides. News flash: everyone in the world has bad and good parts, its fun to laugh at the bad and envy the good. it doesn't matter what country you come from. I laugh at the 'merica pics all the time because some people are like that and its funny but i know all of america isnt like that.

  • Anonymous

    If they wear real, go foward and look something real

  • Borat

    Hey Thanks for the photos. What a dirty buch of people. We all know that Romainia is the toilet of europe, a toilet that has never ever been cleaned.

    You could not pay me enough to visit this nation of robbers and rapists.

  • theo

    Am pus romania pe mapa!!!!! lol



  • danplux

    Beware!!! All the vampires in this world would like to taste a little bit of your blood, now!! 😥

  • Kostas

    John, esti prost ca noaptea si vrei sa faci si tu un ban de-o bere.

  • Cum ÎȘI BAT JOC străinii de țara noastră? Cu IPOSTAZE JENANTE despre care spun că sunt POSIBILE DOAR ÎN ROMÂNIA |

    […] este şi exemplul galeriei foto care a fost postată pe site-ul şi pe care se arată că astfel de ipostaze sunt posibile numai în […]

  • Lady K.

    LOL, believe it or not, Romanians actually KNOW a bit of English. A friendly advice: don’t use a crappy online service to translate your apology. The result will be (actually it is) a type of Romanian “engrish”. I suggest you try that toilet you praise so much. 😉 You can actually cough up smarter things that this by eating fiber.

  • Lady K.

    EDIT: *friendly advice, *than

  • Romanian lover

    im romanian dude. this is not the way we live. the person who posted these photos is a little bit retardedl. His country is called Hungry ( why ??? )

  • dude

    How does health insurance have anything to do with the pics above? Just go ahead and say that you hate the US and be done with it.

  • Ro.

    good one! haha :))))

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