Daily morning randomness 5.13.09 (25 photos)

a mother of god super 2 Daily morning randomness 5.13.09 (25 photos)

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  • Molto Mike

    Super Troopers > All

  • Steve

    Whats going on in the last photo? I noticed somone collapsed on the floor???

  • xclusive02

    anything with pedobear cracks me up. and that chick next to Butthead, kinda looks good. Weird. I now

  • pooper

    yea i so confused on the 2nd to last photo in the gym i see lady collapsed too but everyone else is running for their lifes.

    • Hopefullbliss

      If you look really close at the gym one, there is a purple monster. It’s kinda hard to see. Just look from left to right slowly and you should see it.

  • Tim

    This is security footage of a Gold's Gym during an earthquake in SF area in the 80's. Everyone got out just before the place collapsed. Saw it on National Geographic.

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