Click here if you want to feel like an insignificant pion (30 photos)

a thechive1MoonSmallEarthLargeRelativeSizes Click here if you want to feel like an insignificant pion (30 photos)

This may be old hat on the internets, but it’s still mind blowing…

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  • hannah


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  • Keef

    Wow! Wanna make someone calm down, show em this!

  • nelly02

    i love showing science like this to god botherers. that generally shuts them up. fantastic post, cheers.

  • rachelle

    Could Add Globular Clusters.

  • Anonymous

    And God is so much greater than all of this – God created it all!

    So truly wonderous then, is our God

    • Benny

      Maybe God was trying to make a riddle she couldn't answer… or the um-tillions of other planets out there evolved beings that started the Earth as a 2nd grade homework equivalent. One or the other.

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  • Anonymous


  • John Stone

    I am finally paying more attention to the universe… is really only for the very deepest of humans. We are the ones that will eventually move mankind. Bottom line…exploration of universe is critical to mankind's survival. We most likely…will only succeed as a species if we find new homes….because earth will eventually die….and there are many ways that can happen. Folks….we may be one of many species of intelligent live in universe in the same develoment stage or ahead or behind. We may be the first and only and are the eventual populators of the universe. We may be the descendants of a human planet far away that had over populated prisons and decided to dump them on this harsh but liveable planet (our cave people). They erased their memorIes and gave them a year food supply. And left them for dead. But they are surprised we survived ….they check on us….UFO's. Bottom line…we need to know.

  • jcrack5635

    E.t call home ..

  • SreyaNotfilc

    Yeah, but it’s still mind-blowing!

  • Leisure Suit Moot

    I’m sure the Chive team really give a crap what you think. Try make a website even 1/8 as entertaining as this one. Let me know when your done and I’ll come and post a message as dumb as that one.

    Good day to you sir.

  • HellHathNoFury

    …and yet, you not only keep visiting and promoting this site, but spending your time posting comments, in which you could be doing other things, like:
    Visiting your local welfare office
    Enjoying my taxes
    Learning to spell

  • ima slam

    wuts the name of ur blog so we can all see how cool it is? oh, you don’t have a blog do you? you’re at your parents house with your dick in your hand, aren’t u?

  • One Sick Puppy


    You are too funny! I always love your comments!

  • maladjusted

    I got all the way through, and had to lay down for a few minutes and freak out. BECAUSE I found some pot…

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