American fatasses on scooters (15 Photos)

fat scooters lead American fatasses on scooters (15 Photos)

This gallery is from BannedInHollywood, more fatasses here. He also has a great gallery on the top 10 internet butterfaces, just FYI.

  • HellHathNoFury

    Your taxes for food stamps for people that need 5 times as much food as the starving kid down the road. Ah, the welfare office.

  • Lardsux

    holy fatass!

  • aaron

    this is everything that is wrong with our country…………forget racial tensions, the diparity of rich and poor. Lazy fat asses are destroying America. There are fat lazy wastes of space in every race, color, and creed.

  • ChrisDG74

    The fatass kid on the scooter has to be the saddest thing I have seen in a while. Hey, kid: Get off that farkin scooter and play some ball.

  • MisterMisty

    agree, it’s the fat kids that really make me mad. it’s child abuse, plain and simple.

  • Veronarat

    The fact that they ride their scooters through the drive thru makes me sick. WTF!!! They give the general population of not fat Americans (such as myself) a bad name. We aren’t all disgusting like that.

  • aaron

    tha’s the problem with universal health care…it works in places like France and many other countries, and I do support the idea of it, but America is simply too fat and stupid to handle it. Its a shame.

  • Nv_Me

    Hey Maaannnnnn,
    Being fat isn’t natural.
    It’s a matter of what you eat and how much you eat.
    It’s very much an American thing.

  • Anonymous

    talk about catch-22. Too fat to walk, run, ride a bike. They depend on the damn scooter and they just get bigger and bigger. You gotta MOVE your body and you won’t get so disgustingly fat. Tragic!!!

  • arielbarks

    the last one with getting flipped off made me laugh out loud. if you don’t want people to stare, try losing enough weight so you can actually fit in a car. then at least we won’t have to watch the waves when you go over bumps in the road.

  • Nick

    For every person you see here, there’s another person who’s too fat for a scooter and stuck inside. Now isn’t that just sadder?

  • boobookitty

    I Love Fat Guys, Now I’m Horny

  • Jordo

    It so funny that on other topics, we are all pissing on each other. ( the bear killed by the hunters comes to mind) But on this one……………… We all hate those fat fuck’en lard asses who consume 10X what they put out. I agree with the health care comment too. They will eat it alive. I wish Hitler was against fat fucks, not everyone else, then he would be Bad Ass! Go Hitler!!! Starve those lazy fat fucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • boneman

    well, near as I can tell, everything that gets big and bigger is just setting itself up to fall.
    People? Yes.
    Companies? Yes.
    Countries? Yes.

    The bigger the ‘thing ‘ is, the more sure there’s going to be a fall.
    These folks will be lucky to see the Northside of fifty. None of them will see seventy.

  • anonymousRG

    omfg im so turned on!

  • Grassley = awesome

    Hell yea! Fat ppl + scooters = SEXY!!!!

  • darsh

    OMFHJHCG !!! Those are really good quality scooters !!!

  • SreyaNotfilc

    @ last pic *Chuclkes*

  • Anonymous

    I’m not fat, I’m horizontally blessed.

  • D

    Wow! What a bunch of self-loathing Americans we have here on this post. You don’t sound intelligent, only pathetic. Please go somewhere else and find your very own communist utopia; we don’t need you here.

  • bob

    i bet D is a fat guy.

  • aaron

    wow in one day this conversation went from funny observations to fat hating to chest-focused semen rubbing. epic fail.

  • mudslngr1

    You small minded twits actually think these people are the average american?
    Wow, stupidity has no nationality.

  • D

    Blow J you must be crazy or illiterate! I am an American; why do you think I can’t stand this self-loathing? There is no reason for us to be apologetic to anyone. Sorry, but I will not kick the shit out of myself 24/7….I will not!

  • Grassley = awesome

    YOU KNOW WHAT D!!!!!


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