There, I fixed it (23 Photos)

fixed bike funny There, I fixed it (23 Photos)

If you’re into this, there’s plenty more to fix over at thereifixedit!

  • sickboy

    first! nice carpentering job.. NOT!

  • evanligus

    Those poor people are funny lol

  • modianos

    i dont get the one with the mailbox and the propane tank

    • Luke


  • dumdum

    I fixed a broken cd player with a pull handle like that. It worked great for years.

    I am the most interesting man in the world.

  • aaron

    the plunger paper towel thing is genius.

  • boneman

    I need to make that last one (doorknob) for here

  • Digitsis

    there are some good ideas here…. the see saw comes to mind

  • Equalizer

    These are cause by watching too much Macgyver

  • Underhill

    These are caused because necessity is a mother.

  • doyoulikethisgig

    I think that was how they fixed the mailbox post.

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