Want a job in China? Sure, they’ll get right on that (8 Photos)

china job hunt1 Want a job in China? Sure, theyll get right on that (8 Photos)

These are photos of a job fair in China. And you think we have it bad…

  • livin'

    i couldn’t even begin to imagine this

  • Brandon

    Ho-ly shit.

  • lucas

    That is why i am not going back to China once I graduate in north america

  • thatguy

    It looks that bad in the fastest growing economy in the world right now. I have my two crates and a sign, now time to stock up on apples to sell…

  • natekarr

    These ppl duplicate like instant rice!!!!

    • Laurie

      ^^This comment displays three things about natekarr: (s)he has a rubbish sense of humour, (s)he has no idea about the mechanism by which things cook, and (s)he is more than a tiny bit racist

      • just some dude

        lol. Right??? What the hell does that mean…”duplicate like intant rice”??? That makes absolutely no sence on every level. I don’t even know where to begin in saying how stupid that comment was!

        • Anonymous

          what are you talking about you simply add the dehydrated water to the instant rice and poof 1.3 billion pieces of rice.

          • Anonymous

            did you just say “dehydrated water”??

      • natekarr

        I, He (btw), do have a “rubbish” sense of humor. i only aim to humor myself. fuck the rest of you. I know that is takes 2-3 minutes to perfectly cook ramen noodles in the microwave. gives them the perfect texture. not too hard but not squishy. I believe asians eat rice, blacks eat Fried chicken and watermelon. white ppl eat mcdonalds and most of america is fat. Germans alwayz sound angry. i could go on and on. I’m not racist i just hate everybody and i’m not afraid to say it. you could call me a equal opportunity hater.

        • One Sick Puppy

          well…if you only “aim” to humor yourself, then it seems to me that you would keep your lame jokes to yourself. But…I believe that you tried to make a funny, and eveyone called you out and said it was stupid, so this is just what you said in an attempt to save face.


      • nouu

        only you seem to care..

  • Wino

    This is some fucked up shit right here.

    • Anonymous

      I agree.

  • yeahsure

    I hope they stocked up on toilet roll.

  • Capn

    Want to know the beauty of this? Exponential growth. Its not getting any better and unfortunately we’re at a point in existence where regulating the amount of babies should be mandatory. The human birthrate and life-expectancy is growing faster than the infrastructure to support it.

    • just some dude

      Uhmm…they are limited to only having one child per household in China…aren’t they??

  • IKEAsux

    they are. and the child abortion rate is staggering

  • El Supimpa

    I really cant think in any solutions that not are burnig them all to death!

    • Fleagle

      Sweet, I have yet to take a sip of my coffee and you’re advocating genocide.
      It is likely that there are just as many unemployed in the US and in Europe, but these are all sat at home on their fat behinds on welfare.
      We should all remember this picture when we’re waiting on their tables.

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  • RandomDreamer

    I’m Asian and I didn’t know I can “duplicate” like instant rice. I could use a clone of myself and get a lot of shit done.

  • BB

    actually, though there is still a one-child policy, it’s not as stringent as you would imagine. Quite a few people are still having a second child. There are tax implications and government employment restrictions, etc. for breaking the ‘quota’. Also, if you live outside the city, in rural areas, in some places the rule is waived….there are also areas areas where there are strange rules, such as that if your first child is a girl, you can have a second child in hopes for a boy (to help stop the abandoning and aborting of female infants)….

    Basically, it’s just not as cut-and-dry of an issue as we make it out to be here

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  • Ken

    1.3 Billion people of 6.8 Billion total. That’s 19% of the world’s population. China with India (1.1 Bil) have over 35% of the world’s population.

    Just too many people. The planet will not sustain it. Either we will have to get a grip via cultural change or there will be some nasty pandemic to take care of it violently.

  • Alex

    chinas massive population growth in the 50’s was a result of the possibility of nuclear war and was directly influenced by the government? nowadays theyre trying to stem population growth with initiatives such as the one child policy

  • cream of sum yung gai

    The last picture……..1249 to the left, and 3498 up….I know that guy!!!

  • cream of sum yung gai

    ……and if theres a billion of them, why do they all have the same haircuts?

  • shakeitbaby

    wtf? too many heads. eyes. are. getting. soreee

  • shakeitbaby

    they should all be soldiers and take over the world.

  • cookiemonster

    my thoughts exactly

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