One is a celebrity, the other – a real Russian mail order bride (20 Photos)

mail order lookalike One is a celebrity, the other   a real Russian mail order bride (20 Photos)

As many of you know, I’m an addict of the outer fringes of Russian culture. One of my favorite things is fantasy shopping for mail order brides (don’t judge). This site takes the cake, man. Not only do they have tons of great ‘marriage material’ but recently they started comparing their mail order brides to celebrities – here. Anyway, enjoy!

  • Anonymous

    Still American chicks are hotter imo.

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  • Ken

    Anonymous, hit the Arcade on the Black Sea in the city of Odessa, Ukraine in the summer time. They take the responsibility of being an attractive young woman extremely serious there. Unbelievable.

    Both my brother and Uncle married from this “industry.” Both women are lovely. Sure, some are only in it for a good time. But some just want a future and will give it a real shot. Same as anywhere I guess. I think that the girls’ risks are greater, ending up in the USA with some unrealistic asshole.

  • robin yates

    nothing wrong in the marriage industry,,,,,,,,,,,just take your time before you decide

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  • HonestEd

    If tomorrow Hollywood ended,it would take two seconds to replace them with hotter chicks. Maybe they would be less shallow than the ones we cant escape from now.

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  • 2257

    I love shopping sites that sell women. Better than Interesting thing is that, if you submit your contact info, a representative will call you and start the process. They take it pretty serious. It’s not as easy as, “I want a blonde, 2 brunettes, and one heavily tattooed redhead.” Cost range quoted as $40k+. That did not include all other associated costs, either. i.e. – US papers, legal docs, medical evaluations, flights/hotels to and from, etc… With the agency that contacted me, you must visit Russia for a 3-day “planned meeting” where counselors tag along for your first date. And they don’t do returns/exchanges.

  • RemyMar

    ooh ooh! they got a new one! this mail order bride looks just like PARIS HILTON!

  • BobbyMac

    Most of these “look alikes” are ugly as hell

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  • Anya

    Пожалуйста, пост образы Джимми Душку.

  • miscellaneous

    I'll have a Marg Helgenberger please

  • AndreLei

    I'll have Christina Applegate and Kate Hudson

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