One is a celebrity, the other – a real Russian mail order bride (20 Photos)

mail order lookalike One is a celebrity, the other   a real Russian mail order bride (20 Photos)

As many of you know, I’m an addict of the outer fringes of Russian culture. One of my favorite things is fantasy shopping for mail order brides (don’t judge). This site takes the cake, man. Not only do they have tons of great ‘marriage material’ but recently they started comparing their mail order brides to celebrities – here. Anyway, enjoy!

  • Bill Mayo

    the maya rudolph is so close it’s scary

    • George Danger Cruz

      yea. Also, dear god, give me the jessica biel one, fuck the rest.

  • besley

    I love to fantasy shop for Russian brides, too. Don’t feel bad about it.

  • RemyMar

    Some of the Russian brides are actually HOTTER than the celebrities!
    Why fantasy shop?? I’m goin shoppin for real!!

  • Joe Clyde

    The Maria Menous look-alike.

    Who do I write my check out for?!?

  • some random guy

    the one with megan fox is DEFINITELY better than megan herself

    • psara

      Well it’s not that hard :p

  • Anonymous

    If you click on the 2nd link youcan find the acutal girl profiles. “Megan Fox” likes being active, traveling to the seaside, feel sea smell (????) doing some sports and fitness, reading books

  • Mr. Irony

    Id take a few of them. I wonder what the cost is? Do they stay faithful?

  • Joey

    Damn…add to cart

  • Aaron

    russian olsen twin is as creepy as american olsen twin.

  • ladyguitarstar

    its not actually a good thing that some of these chicks look like the celebrity.

  • sticks

    I like the 7th girl on the left where she’s in the woods. Can someone tell me the celebrity person of that one?

  • Billy

    “how much for the girl?”

  • Mark

    The 7th girl’s “celebrity double” is Amy Lee, the singer of Evanescance. Imo the russian woman is much hotter, and that’s saying something as Amy Lee is revered among Goths

    • sticks

      Amy Lee is hot, but that picture does her no justice. Ner double is way hotter though.

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  • Clickawut

    Nothing says I’m over paid, lonely, socially ackward, and possibly a stalker like a mail order russian bride/celebrity look alike. I’ll take two

  • Crabbieguy

    I am going to save my money and get me one of those.

  • HellHathNoFury

    let’s go halvsies!!!!

  • qwerty6

    i think im in love with the kate hudson lookalike.

  • natekarr

    ya know that whole “Celebrity” look-a-like is pretty cool. these russian girls should do porn instead of waiting for money bags to buy their way into america.

  • Jordo

    FYI you cant buy these girls. You can only “rent” them. Sorry to rain on your parade. They make a shit ton more money for you to fly there, pay the “agency” and smuther them with gifts. Then next week, it starts all over again. With a freash wealthy idiot.

  • RemyMar

    Fly to visit girls, wine and dine em, uh, that’s called DATING. I joined, it’s free to signup so why not? I’ll see for myself what this whole russian mail order bride biz is all about.

  • petr

    If all Russian brides looked like Meghan McCain, I’d buy one or two ,,,

  • jake

    lol the megan fox one isnt even close, fox iz way hotter.

  • joeoby78

    BLASPHEMY!!! There can be only one Megan Fox…… FINISH HER!!

  • big dog

    Can you imagine having two Jessica Biel’s in your house at the same time? what a fantasy!!!!

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