The 2009 Redneck Awards

a funny redneck 9 The 2009 Redneck Awards

Redneck Harley

funny redneck 0 The 2009 Redneck Awards

Redneck Bass Boat

funny redneck 11 The 2009 Redneck Awards

Redneck Grill

funny redneck 13 The 2009 Redneck Awards

Redneck Horseshoes

funny redneck 14 The 2009 Redneck Awards

Redneck Lawnmower

funny redneck 15 The 2009 Redneck Awards

Redneck Weatherstation

funny redneck 16 The 2009 Redneck Awards

Redneck Pet Carrier

funny redneck 17 The 2009 Redneck Awards

Redneck Gingerbread House

funny redneck 18 The 2009 Redneck Awards

Redneck Palm Pilot

funny redneck 19 The 2009 Redneck Awards

Redneck Powerball Winner

funny redneck 1 The 2009 Redneck Awards

The Above Powerball Winner on Vacation

funny redneck 2 The 2009 Redneck Awards

…and you might be a redneck if…

A little rain doesn’t spoil your fishing..

funny redneck 3 The 2009 Redneck Awards

You need fashion tips from your husband..

funny redneck 4 The 2009 Redneck Awards

You wear a shirt like this for your engagement picture..

funny redneck 5 The 2009 Redneck Awards

And your wedding cake looked like this..

funny redneck 6 The 2009 Redneck Awards

Your doghouse looks like this..

funny redneck 7 The 2009 Redneck Awards

Your pickup looks like this..

funny redneck 8 The 2009 Redneck Awards

You don’t need a lake to do a little skiing..

funny redneck 10 The 2009 Redneck Awards

Or if your wife is quoted in the local paper saying…

funny redneck 12 The 2009 Redneck Awards

  • shockresistant

    Fantastic! especially like the newspaper clippings… “Family and friends are encouraged to attend” and “I don’t have to get dressed up like I’m going to Wal-Mart or something” pretty much sum up redneckism…lol

  • henri

    the last is the best of dem all

  • sticks

    The bikini woman either needs to lose some weight or put more clothes on Jeez!

  • Jordo

    I grew up with red necks. And I promise you no one on this earth hates red necks more then me! My blood presure just went through the fuck’en roof just looking at these. In all reality, red neck are the scum of the earth. I would rather live with gang bangers then these single brain cell cum stains. And I’m as much as a white guy as the next. When you talk to one, you will be dumber just hearing them talk.

    • StudleyPendejos

      Jordo you’re mad because the rednecks are smarter than you…. I guess that’s why you’d rather hang with gang bangers… Yea those guys are top notch smart fuckers huh? They couldn’t build 1/3 of what the rednecks do and definitely cannot support themselves, they have to rely on their “family”…..Losers like you!

    • D

      You wouldn’t even be alive today had you grown up with gang bangers, you dipshit……..

    • Joe Budgie

      Don’t hold back. Let it all out. Tell us what you really think cause I think you R one.

    • Jonbon

      Mmmm… do you have a mirror?

  • asdasd

    pretty sweet doghouse i must say

  • Drover1861

    Man…The engaged couple is from my home state…and a few towns over. I think these were more “white trash”

    Redneck-those who know there is a different life, but choose to live a simple life

    White Trash-just plain mean, lazy ,ig’nant (yes i did that on purpose) people, who do not want or think there is a better life.

    Trust me…i grew up near both type of people. The

  • Anonymous

    Hey! I’m a redneck jerkhead!

    • Anonymous

      aw don’t be so hard on yourself, you’re not a jerkhead

  • Jordo

    Then I guess I wish you were dead! Fuck you, eat shit and kill your self!

    • Drover1861

      From the North i take it???

    • D

      Jordo, you truly are a retard. It’s a shame for the rest of us that somebody taught a monkey like yourself how to type on a keyboard. Unfortunately, we are all now forced to read your failed attempt at recreating the English language.

      • sock puppet

        Obviously, judging from every, single one of his posts, he’s a 16 year old with a shit-ton of hate in him. Ten bucks says he’s a suburban gangsta. And shit.

  • Anonymous

    Is the first pics a doorbell or a bottle opener.

  • Sassy

    Sooooo, I am guessing # 2 and 3 were made my Florida fans?? ROLL TIDE!

    • Sassy


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  • HellHathNoFury

    Wow, you guys didn’t even need me here to make this a sophomoric idiot-fest. My work here is done.

    • D

      Please leave being clever to the professionals.

      • HellHathNoFury

        I graduated Chic Cum Laude with a BS and an Ass. in Cleverness l0l.

        • Anonymous

          wow….just wow Hell, what a fucking idiot. it’s like you must wake up saying: “you know what world, i’m not going to be funny today either.”

          • HellHathNoFury

            sure as you wake up every morning saying, ‘I don’t have enough balls to be myself, so I’ll troll the web looking for people to harsss whilst hiding behind a false avatar, with no unique name since i’m a big passive-aggressive pansy.’ When you become hilarious, please, inform us.

            • siyatsoo

              No offense, HHNF, but I can’t help but notice…do you really go back to each page you’ve commented on to possibly retaliate to what anybody has to type to you? It just seems really….sad.

            • Anonymous

              true dat, talk about trolling she seems like the worst

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  • aaron

    sweet mower.

  • papasmurf

    DAMN ! Yall say stuff………and shit

  • robin yates

    I learnt something today,,,,,,,,,,,,,, rednecks are totally different to poor white trash ???,,, can someone please explain the difference for me,,,,,,,,,,thank you

  • jojo

    i guess im a redneck because all i need to go skiing is a mountain and some snow…

    also am i the only one that thinks the chick in the wedding announcement pic looks like shes about 12 years old?

    • Hassen bin Sober

      Jojo, I was thinking the same thing. I also think she looks a little like the banjo playing kid in Deliverance. She could be his sister, cousin, or both

  • Max

    I’d say shes about 16, and kind of cute too.

  • SouthernBell

    So I totally have to say that the comments made by that Jordo guy is just out of spite. I would also like to point out that as a Southern Girl myself, i have seen many of the technics(s/p) at work. Its very clever and for hard times like this, saving money by making your own improvents is the best way to go. But if your going off of looks go by yourself thousands of dollars worth of bullshit.
    I was born and raised in the south and my family is redneck. They do everything for themselves by hunting and growing food in the gardens. The raise hogs and chickens and cattle as well. The only thing they need is clothes bread and milk. Other then that their good on their own.

    • blueberryvoodoo

      i’m a southern girl too, and “i totally have to say that” your grammar just set us back about 35 years.
      your family, redneck? I’M SHOOOOOCKED ‘their (they’re) good on their own, they don’t need anyone else’s hogs or book learnin’ or antibiotics’

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  • ZZ-top

    Sirs and ma’ams
    Red-necks rock. The real red-necks aren’t these inbreeding yahoos and troglodytes.
    They’re just simple, innovative, resourceful people. Simple living and re-purposing items is now marketed as “green”.
    Heck, red-necks should be called green-necks!
    Google Red-neck mods or red-neck spider on you-tube- it’s amazing what some of these people can accomplish with self-taught skills and a substandard education (by virtue of geographic location and low economic resources).
    Some of these people would be brilliant engineers if only they had the scholarships.
    You put some red-necks up at Boeing or Nasa- there’ll be a a Mars Base and moonshine still up there on Mars before y’all know it.
    Y’all drop by some time for some rye whiskey, organic salad, organic cider aplenty and mesquite grilled carp Cajun-style, I catch me from carp-noodlin’, you hear?
    Yankees are most welcome. Snooty attitudes can be placed by the door, mind.

  • hmm

    Why is the “2009” redneck awards when all of these pictures have been around for years?

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  • Captain Obvious

    What Hmm said

  • DanZ

    Proving once again, with all your stolen pictures, that “rednecks” are among the smartest, most innovative and ingenious, people on Earth.

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