You brushing off my wife? (5 Photos)

obama revenge You brushing off my wife? (5 Photos)

  • xclusive02

    AWESOME. Chuck Norris does everything right.

  • Andrew

    chuck norris can sneeze with his eyes wide open

  • Roland Emmerich Rocks

    If you have five dollars and Chuck Norris has five dollars, Chuck Norris has more money than you.


    Chuck Norris destroyed the periodic table, because he only recognizes the element of surprise.

  • HellHathNoFury

    Chuck Norris is so deadly, even saying his name is fata……*dies*

    • cheetah woods

      the comments were excellant till you showed up

      • HellHathNoFury

        …and yet you always troll them to find me, read me, and respond to me.

        • cheetah woods

          cant miss your stupidity

          • HellHathNoFury

            Can’t miss the fact that you used an already-tired joke as your username. cheetah Woods? You mean Tig…ooohh I get it, because he…he cheated…and that sounds like cheetah, and it’s funny because his name is Tiger, and they’re both predatory cats! Hahhaa!!!!

          • xclusive02

            why does this website always turn into a pissing contest. Do you really have nothing better then to come on here and tell HHNF to shut up. She’s been on the website for awhile, and I would say most of us enjoy the qwerky comments that are posted by her and others. But coming on here to insult people, that’s a new low. I think it’s my age that makes me wonder what really goes on in a persons head. Maybe you are a pathetic soul, and maybe you have a serious mental illness and you can’t help it, either way, I feel sorry for your life. So keep Chivin people, thanks for making the website interesting.

            • cheetah woods

              shut the fuck up

          • cheetah woods

            I’m an incompetent ass child who will never have the joy of human contact so I come on here and submit childish remarks and tell people to shut the fuck up. If only I could just, maybe some day, see the light of day and realize how pathetic my existance is. I’ll do everyone a favor and leave The Chive for good. But that was an if only, and it will never happen so I’ll continue to harass the shit out of everyone with my copied name.

            Your Pal,

            • One Sick Puppy

              You’re gay.

  • Octantis

    Does this type genre of pictures have a name? I love how a story can be told with a single look. I want to find more but don’t know what they are to search for them.

  • Gillette

    Chuck Norris is the best a man can get

  • yeahsure

    chuck norris has a stupid looking head

  • xclusive02

    Behind Chuck Norris’ beard is no chin. Just a third fist.

  • Edgardo Berraz

    This pic sequence about the brushing off and Obama revenge,is directly genial,it’s the best that I can see in lately times.John,you are a genius.

    • big dog

      You are all wrong, thats not whats happening in that picture at all. In Italy men very seldom shake hands with any body, they prefer to kiss on the cheeks, both of them. Thats their way of saying, “give me a kiss”. That jesture is not a brush off. As a matter of fact, they greet the same way in a lot of Countries, some Germans do it as well.

      • One Sick Puppy

        Leave it to someone to analyze and break down the post and state how it’s wrong. It’s supposed to be funny…that’s all.

        Next I suppose you are going to tell us how it’s racist? Go ahead…..

  • FUCK YOU :)

    You do know this thing is about Chuck Norris and not you, better apologies before he pops out in your dream…

  • copy

    chive didnt make this

    • Niitsitapi13

      who gives a shit

  • Elevator talk

    Love reading the comments here, it feels just like home when the neighbours are on the elevator together waiting until their floor arrives… Chuck Norriss is usually the safest shared topic of disscusions.. after that the weather, and Obama…LOL

  • Whistle Blower

    Stolen from, the site that fp’d it on Digg.

    • oracle

      you must be new here, whistle blower. let me introduce you to the chive, where nobody gives a fucking shit.


    what the shit is digg? who gives a shit

    • You

      Your a shit

  • Dude

    Chuck Norris is a queer.

  • papasmurf

    ok thats it , Im going back to my lil cottage in the woods to play with smurfette !

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