The art of drunk stacking (12 Photos)

drunk stacking lead The art of drunk stacking (12 Photos)

  • HellHathNoFather

    Pabst Blue Ribbon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jessica

      you mean “BUD LIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    • HellHathNoFury

      Wow. Clever.
      Pic 2 has the worst photobomber ever. Yuck.

    • Ken

      “Blue Velvet” reference?

  • aaron

    clever name.

  • YellowJackets

    These are hilarious

  • MissChris

    That last one on the bill of the guys hat is hilarious. I’m just picturing them all waking up and having a bunch of sh*t fall down on em… Yea, I’d like to see the “just-after” pictures!

    • Matt

      haha me too. especially of that guy thats sleeping on the couch being held up my the cabinet and the table lol.

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  • IfYouSeeKay

    yeah guy on the couch being held up by the cabinet and table broke his neck when he woke up and is now paralyzed from the neck down. Who’s laughing now?

  • BillyBlaze

    I for one am still laughing. If they couldn’t handle their alcohol they got what was coming to them

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  • Anonny nonny

    So you’re saying someone “deserves” to get paralysed for drinking too much? Do you also believe that a woman “deserves” to get raped for wearing a short skirt? How about the WTC “deserved” to get attacked in 2001 because American foreign policy is so exploitative?

    Great logic; I’m just glad people like you aren’t in positions of power.

    • AnnonyIsGay

      You are sooooo fucking stupid. Give me a fucking break. Apparently you were never in college or had a friends. Have fun being a douche your whole life.


    • Aaron

      Exactly. Stacking beer cans on your passed out roommate is EXACTLY the same as 911. You are genius. Or perhaps a retarded jackass.

    • One Sick Puppy

      Jesus! Did someone kill your dog this morning or something?? Take a chill pill, poop stick

    • BillyBlaze

      Yes annony nonny in a way thats what I’m saying. I am gonna teach you a word, its called responsibility.

      • BillyBlaze

        And no its a woman’s fault if she gets raped. And no the world trade center did not deserve to get attacked. But arabs do deserve everything they’ve gotten as a result of the WTC attacks. And as a Petty Officer in the US Navy I’m a little appalled that you would say that the WTC deserved the attacks

  • kp

    Ha Ha!!!

  • pooper

    I’m going to stack poop on you for being a douche

  • EA

    Truly an artform. These pictures well demonstrate the human condition.

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