Don’t throw stones in a glass house. Seriously (7 photos)

a glass house 6 Dont throw stones in a glass house. Seriously (7 photos)

  • bryainiac

    this home, as awesome as it is, is stupid as shit.

  • miko4372520

    it’s nice, but what about privacy, huh?

  • Bad_Obsession

    forget sex….how do you take a crap…that's what i want to know!

    • elliot prince

      the best question by far

  • Huh

    How do you have sex in one of these?

    • SreyaNotfilc

      Why let transparency stop you?

  • dew


  • Jordo

    Fake. Plus after one rain, it would look like shit. No one would clean every square inch of that. plus in the sumer it would be 900* in there.

  • 527jellybeans

    for one moment i thought its real till dew burst my bubble …….darn its fake D:

  • yherd

    Now that’s a family that uses a lot of windex. I bet they could use a shamwow.

  • HellHathNoFury

    Can you imagine heateing and Windex costs?

    • jawbone

      And spelling lessons! Can you imagine those?!?

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  • Mr. Irony

    Are you sure it’s fake? Or did someone who has way too much money build something just to build it.

  • KYPMbangi

    Fake, the house is a 3D image shopped to the background

    • Bad_Obsession

      yeah….you can tell by the pixels. Sounds as if you have seen a few photoshops in your time…

  • Fuzzybeard2016

    Where are the chases for the utilities? Didn’t see electric and I sure as hell didn’t see any plumbing! Just on those grounds alone, it’s got to be a fake.

  • Zooks

    Probably not a good idea to get drunk or stoned in there, that’s for sure.

  • yherd

    stove? fridge?

  • F-oo

    HHNF, you schpelled “heating” wrong. *grin*
    I’m thinking of bumping into your reflection in the middle of the night. Or if a bug lands on the window, you don’t know if it’s in or outside. Heh. Sooo many complications.

  • Dave

    I goddamn hate fucking phoney shit like this. Excuse me, I have to go comb my toupee in case I get a date.

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