Ya’ll made some impressive photobombing runs (28 Photos)

lead box bomb Yall made some impressive photobombing runs (28 Photos)

Hey all,
Good bombing runs, guys and gals. Send all photobomb, WTF, Awesome Child, (original) Randoms, Hot Chick, and Douchebaggery to thechivesubmit [at] gmail [dot] com. The CHIVE Rules.

Chive On!
John n’ Leo

  • TY


    • Big Bob

      First dumbass? Why, yes you are…

  • Sassy

    Osama bomba ftw!

  • at work

    haha these are hilarious

  • Jonathan Passow

    The lobster bomb is awesome!

    • Lobster Bomb

      I’m gonna rename my dog “Lobster Bomb”

  • estrus

    AWESOME set!

  • Nightstalker

    Slutty Mom… the look on that kids face.
    I think that is going to be one of those repressed memories he pays thousands in psychiatrist bills for later on in life!

    • lols

      Reminds me of HellHathNoFury :p

  • The Trash man

    #2, thats has to be the lamest carnage ive seen, why is there not pen on peoples faces there?

  • w3rw0lf

    HOLY SHIT, number 20, flying guy, is AWESOME…i try that shit everytime i see someone taking a photo..put DAAAMN, he’s perfect in flight! That shit is flashing me…

  • Dingo

    second to last one is the best :3

  • sk

    I sent in better pics than this these are weakkkkkk

    • Warped

      That’s probably because you know who the people in the pics are…

  • vitorla

    These are some of the funnier photobombs to date. Well played.

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  • Regina

    AHAHAHAHAHA…but why Chive, do you need more douchebag pictures…I think you’ve gotten them all here!!!..

    Chive on!

  • Jane Doe

    The kids on the airplane is my favorite. The little boy especially did a good job and then the dad in the back hahahahah

  • Jane Doe

    hahahahahahaah oh shit and the lady in the right side is passed out lmao she looks like she’s meditating. oh and the family portrait and the nipple guy was good too.

  • at work

    “Your drink is ready” bomb is pretty awesome

  • Always Last


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