After 700 years, it’s still the coolest street in the hood (20 Photos)

rock living lead After 700 years, its still the coolest street in the hood (20 Photos)

  • Nagrom

    Looks like something from Tatooine.

    • InspectMyClouseau

      i know right, halfway expected to see a pod racer somewhere

      • capadocia fan

        That's because it is where they filmed Tatooine in episode 4. as mentioned by others the place is capadocia in Turkey.

  • PooPooCachoo

    That sh|t is Rockn’

    See what I did there?! :-\

    • Mark

      No I didn’t. Do it again

  • Yo Mama

    They do this in Australia too. I saw this shiz on discovery!

  • top dog

    Now thats cool !!!!!!!

  • Chris

    I bet they have better internet service than I do…

  • matteo

    anyone know that “city” name?

    • matteo

      ok i’m replying by myself:

      In the north east of Iran at the foot of Mount Sahand in Kandovan, the villagers live in cave homes carved out from the volcanic rock. The age of some houses is more than 700 years.

  • confused

    wow and here we are destroying land to make houses

  • ffs

    That place looks awesome. Reminds me of Mesa Verde in Colorado.

  • Matt

    inside the houses remind me of the flintstones movie. Welcome to Bedrock people.

  • at work

    shit that looks awesome


    Parece aqui em casa! Nice Place.

  • Mattythegooch

    People who live in stone houses shouldn’t throw glasses.

  • neat!

    This is the town of GOREME, TURKEY, in the region called Cappadocia. It’s absolutely incredible, and there’s much much more of it…

    • morteza

      this is not Turkey, though they have the same villages in there.
      I’ve seen this plae before and I have photos of the same houses and views.
      I’m sure this is Kandovan in Iran.

  • bc2013

    Looks like Bedrock from the Flintstones

  • Kirby

    thats sweet

  • Sam Snead

    wi-fi? cool, i’m in

  • Lauren

    uncomfortable but cool as hell

  • Joshua

    Cappadocia is one of the most awesome places you can visit. Just amazing.

  • do like

    what a bunch of stoners

  • McBeastie

    Did they film Monty Python’s Life of Brian there?

  • ElBruce


  • Jordo

    That stone must be “soft”. Even still, I wonder how long it would take to hollow out living space from a rock.

  • natedizzle

    i knew tatooine existed

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  • kp

    I would definitely get claustrophobia!!!…..and where’s the ocean views!!

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