Top 10 Weekly Animated Gifs

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  • Nagrom

    Is that last one a scene with Jessica Alba in Into the Blue?

    • at work

      Why yes it is. She has a nice booty there

      • Nagrom

        Now I remember why I always wanted to see that movie.

        I ADORE Jess Alba

        • Joey


          • phideauxe

            They're talking about the diving scene you idiot. sheesh

  • MigraineBoy

    Alba is a skinny piece of plywood, Salma Hayek FTW!

    • aaron


    • Ronald

      wow that's the least heterosexual thing I think I've ever read

  • Nagrom

    Hmmm Selma Hayek jubblies. VERY bouncy.

    My likey. Could go Motorboating in between those babies for hours

  • SEC

    Cupcake dog never gets old.

    Salma Hayek tits are awesome, too.

  • Anonymous

    can anybody tell me what is going on with the kid who takes his shirt off?

    • cavemanlawyer

      I can explain: the reason you are aroused is because you are a pedophile.

      • Nagrom

        And the winner of the January Troll Comment goes to cavemanlawyer LOL.

        The guy in the vid looks 19. How the fuck does that make Anon a pedo?

    • Nick4444

      In the full vid, his buddy keeps smacking him in the head but the guy thinks its the guy behind him cuz he can’t see the hand. That GIF is the end result.

    • dave

      Look carefully at the guy sitting next to him. The guy who got up thought it was the kid behind him messing with him.

  • Yo Mama

    the last one is the best!

  • sup

    That women diver has a GREAT ASS!!!

  • Joe Clyde

    Jessica Alba is looking Bootirific

  • nelly02

    Cool collection, love the flashback dog!

  • Salma Hayek and flashback dog for the win.

  • Fabiano

    Jessica Alba muito tesuda e a Selma peituda!!Delicias

  • SIGH

    it's demi moore, you ignorant twats.

    • Nagrom

      That is NOT Demi More you fuckin’ cum stain!!!!!

      It’s fuckin’ Salma Hayek.

      • nesh

        lol cum stain

  • goposaur

    Selma has the luckiest kid in the world.

  • HellHathNoFury

    Jessica *gasp* Alba *gasp*
    *falls over and dies of heart failure*

    • P-90

      Once again I totally agree, I’ve been a ‘fan’ of hers since that Dark Angel show started. (The show was a bit pish but it had the lovely Miss Alba in it so what the hell right?)

  • Ken

    Drop kick by the terrier is tops. Sends the kid flying with a sharp blow to the chops and still lands on his feet. Sweet.

    I don’t understand “flashback dog.”

    And I don’t understand why the kid has to take his shirt off to slobber-knock the other kid. ???

    Rolling doll head is creepy.

  • Sylvia

    Yay! The one of the doll’s head is from my favorite movie Tideland! 😀

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    jessica alba is a babe

    Booty Gif
    Thick Hoes

  • 'nique

    #7, is that from a movie? which one?

  • Kinky

    Salma y alba make me go BOOM

  • Trynadad

    The cupcake dog's name is actually 'Stains'. Stains loves cupcakes.


    #10 LOOOOVE

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