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Man babies – creepy but you can’t stop looking (18 Photos)

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man baby lead Man babies   creepy but you cant stop looking (18 Photos)

So I’m surfing Holy Taco today and they’ve stumbled on a great site called Man Babies. I know I’ve been there before but the site has really stepped up the awesome creepiness. Check out tons more here.

  • TMI

    It gets kind of boring after about, oh I don’t know, the second picture?

  • upper low

    some of these are just so weird

  • top dog

    Terrible shop job, just terrible.

    • dummy

      so how’s single life?

  • bianka

    This is soooo creepy:D But I can’t stop looking either:D

  • mook

    This is what it would be like if down syndrome freakishly large dudes had midget babies.

  • Brandon

    Haha, awesome.

  • nelly02

    Ha ha ha! fucking great weird shit, cheers!🙂

  • Csg

    Hahaha that’s funny.

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  • Yo Mama

    oh wow…some people really suck at photoshopping. makes me feel that much better about my photoshop projects…

  • razor

    These are “shopped”?

  • lucy Fur


  • InspectMyClouseau

    hilarious–losers complaining about bad shop job are just nit pickers. this is obviously not supposed to convince anyone these ‘creatures’ exist.

    • Yo Mama

      hilarious- loser complaining about losers complaining about bad shop jobs. You mean these aren’t real!?!?!? *shakes head*

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  • cyn

    wow I couldn’t stop laughing I have tears in my eyes. XDD

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  • Moredhel

    Man this is great!😀

  • dick

    i laughed so hard xD HILARIOUS!

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  • Rundy

    how come the six pic down its clearly a guy's head yet he has boobs?



  • Christie

    These picks r just stupid bad photo shop on 1 of them u can tell it was shopped these arent funny at all and some of u who think it is r just fucking stupid

  • No one

    #9 remembers me of shaun from the movie shaun of the dead

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