Man babies – creepy but you can’t stop looking (18 Photos)

man baby lead Man babies   creepy but you cant stop looking (18 Photos)

So I’m surfing Holy Taco today and they’ve stumbled on a great site called Man Babies. I know I’ve been there before but the site has really stepped up the awesome creepiness. Check out tons more here.

  • TMI

    It gets kind of boring after about, oh I don’t know, the second picture?

  • upper low

    some of these are just so weird

  • top dog

    Terrible shop job, just terrible.

    • dummy

      so how’s single life?

  • bianka

    This is soooo creepy:D But I can’t stop looking either:D

  • mook

    This is what it would be like if down syndrome freakishly large dudes had midget babies.

  • Brandon

    Haha, awesome.

  • nelly02

    Ha ha ha! fucking great weird shit, cheers! 🙂

  • Csg

    Hahaha that’s funny.

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  • Yo Mama

    oh wow…some people really suck at photoshopping. makes me feel that much better about my photoshop projects…

  • razor

    These are “shopped”?

  • lucy Fur


  • InspectMyClouseau

    hilarious–losers complaining about bad shop job are just nit pickers. this is obviously not supposed to convince anyone these ‘creatures’ exist.

    • Yo Mama

      hilarious- loser complaining about losers complaining about bad shop jobs. You mean these aren’t real!?!?!? *shakes head*

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  • cyn

    wow I couldn’t stop laughing I have tears in my eyes. XDD

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  • Moredhel

    Man this is great! 😀

  • dick

    i laughed so hard xD HILARIOUS!

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  • Rundy

    how come the six pic down its clearly a guy's head yet he has boobs?



  • Christie

    These picks r just stupid bad photo shop on 1 of them u can tell it was shopped these arent funny at all and some of u who think it is r just fucking stupid

  • No one

    #9 remembers me of shaun from the movie shaun of the dead

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