These guys have a very good reason to be running (6 Photos)

bear run lead These guys have a very good reason to be running (6 Photos)

Two park rangers near the town of Chorzow in southern Poland set out to tranquilize a bear which had wandered too close to the town. The bear had plagued the area for weeks after escaping from a wildlife park in a nearby Ukrainian town. The brown bear even visited the Polish town of Przemysl where the she paid a visit to a grade school. In Przemysl, the bear was tranquilized and brought deep into the forest where authorities hoped it would stay for good. That didn’t happen.
The bear resurfaced in Chorzow where these two park rangers shot it with a tranquilizer. The bear went down and, when one of rangers approached the beast, it woke up and gave chase. A second ranger came to the man’s aid and they were finally able to put the bear down. One guy was kind enough to take photos of the event which really helped out the two guys running for their lives.
The bear’s fate remains undecided authorities would like to put it in a local zoo.
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