Fire massage therapy looks perfectly normal (9 photos)

  • bubble_rider86

    oh i get it now….i CAN set ppl on fire, call it “therapy”and THAT makes is ok…..good to know…..*evil grin*

  • Mustafa_Beer

    Hell, my bed has flames after I chow down on Hot Wings and tap beer.. Can I have a young Asian girl to put towels down there for me too?

  • Yep

    …when a hot stone massage isnt extreme enough for you.
    Also, definitely dont want a happy ending from this place!

  • Irwin109

    I’d hate to work in there with all that writing floating around! The setting fires on people thing would be fun though!

  • top dog

    Well what is it suppose to do, burn all the stress away? that is some crazy a-s sh-t!!!!!

  • top dog

    Watch the balls watch the BALLS!!!!!!

  • Rusty

    Those pussies are probably insisting on having protective equipment, fire extinguishers and personal liability waivers before hand, too.

    When I was in college, all we required was a bottle of acetone and an unsuspecting plebe.

  • at work

    that’s hot

  • Kapernikus

    I’ve had fire set to me, and without the towels. It’s actually not very bad at all (unless you have someone who doesn’t know what they are doing do it to you). Flash paper burns like hell though

  • Regina

    Only in China…or ….somewhere outside USA…as always

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  • Anna Hayes

    It looks very scary but once you try it, it's really relaxing just don't look at those flames, it'll freak you out for sure. I've also tried mississauga massage therapy and they were both the best in the world.

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