Everyone loves the iPad (13 Photos)

  • Matt

    hahaha its all so funny and all soo true.

  • Krashtester

    hypno toad commands you to love i pad!

    • confused

      screw you hypno toad.. i hate the ipad

  • confused

    ipad = the biggest laugh of this half of the year

  • top dog

    I’ll keep my cheap phone thank you very much. Half of that junk don’t even make sense. Communication is suppose to be simple, not complicated.

  • Alan

    Apple is still > microsoft

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  • slutifer

    im gonna buy the ipad as soon as it gets out

  • Frearthandox

    If I wanted an iTouch but wanted it to be larger and not be able to fit it in my pocket I’d bring my laptop.

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  • BonezOz

    OK, all this stuff is hilarious about the iPad, but has anyone noticed, it’s not a iPhone on steroids, but an iPod touch?

  • Anonymous

    more like the iPaidTooMuchForThisShit

  • StatchMan

    Chim Chim jerked me off in my Prius, then he fixed my brakes. Good monkey.

  • Anonymous

    if you don’t like it: DON’T BUY IT. it’s not like anyone is going to force you into buying one anyway.

  • ingo

    funny how all those products get the same reactions. ipod. massive fail. iphone roflmao. ipad…

  • Padracer

    Hillarious shiet!

  • Anton

    The first pic is actually a panty liner, not a pad… so I guess it could be an iLiner?

    • HellHathNoFury

      Clever. I don’t know if I should be more worried because you’re a guy and talking baout the difference between pads and liners, or that you’re also thinking about eyeliner. Or shall I say guyliner?

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  • Martijn

    I’ll love this apple/iPhone/iPad bashing 🙂 Too much iPad sh*tt on the net.

  • cufkme

    why would you want a macbook with out a keyboard? i have used a tablet pc, they are way to cumbersome. i think apple is on the money using the iPhone os, millions already know how to use it, cant even type properly on a tablet pc.

  • td

    the iPad Nano was just perfect

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  • Steve

    Great jokes. Most of them true.

  • http://lordmaitreya.wordpress.com lordmaitreya

    Yes, let’s pay three times what a product is worth for one third of the functionality. Apple has made way too much money convincing people they should be happy with less while paying more.

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  • Guest

    Found this using the random button…oh how everybody was wrong…

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