Shoes that leave you wondering…’Why?’ (13 Photos)


  • HellHathNoFury

    Women, stop. There is nothing healthy or cool about an obsession with new, expensive and hideous things to put on your feet.
    I must negate myown comment and say that the grey ones with the toes are the most comfortable, useful shoes I’ve ever hiked in. Almost as good as being barefoot, without the blood and stuff.

    • hmm

      what’s the name of those?

  • Anonymous

    Vibram FiveFingers kick ass.

  • Anonymous

    the ones with the umbrellas make perfect sense

  • Anonymous

    Green ones in Pic # 3 look kind cool. Don’t know about comfort.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not sure if a single piece of metal used as a high-heel counts as a shoe…

  • Regina

    eehh…..I actualy want to see someone wearing those……oh wait…I did!…It was me…..

  • rusty

    I think there may be something wrong with me….the ones with chains and spikes made me kinda horny.

    • LOL

      You and me both Rusty. I’m not a shoe horse…but some of those are damn cool. I like. Others…flat out nauseatingly stupid.

  • Climb

    I love the vibrams though.

  • Mischa

    OMG the pole dancing shoe! There is a store in Vancouver that sells them and I actually tried them on because they were so awful. I have many times described them to friends but now here is a pic of them.

  • Garmon

    Almost all of those shoes are concept/artis designed shoes that do not even exist.
    But Vibram Five Fingers are the greatest revolution shoes have had in the last 1000 years and a lot of people is realizing it. Expect to see them soon in professional sport as they are superior to any other shoes. Only being barefoot is better.

  • Monica

    Is this a tour of Lady’s Gaga’s shoe closet? 🙂

  • Rorschach

    It would appear that the “shoe” consisting of a large nail would appear to be a BDSM (temporary?) body modification. The skin surrounding the puncture is discolored as if the area had been swabbed with Betadine. In theory, the nail could have bone screw threads on the end and the heel bone could be drilled and prepped for the nail. But such transdermal implants are exceedingly dangerous and prone to infection.

  • dyna

    did no one notice that “one of these things is not like the other”? There is a pair of shoes that obviously are pure ingenuity and necessity for someone who cannot afford to purchase a pair at a store…. or lives no where near a store where they can be purchased. Puts things into perspective if you are observant enough to notice…

  • Anonymous

    as a woman, believe me when I say that women DID NOT make these shoes. there are actually more male designers in the fashion industry than one would think. if they wore heels, they wouldn’t be making these ridiculous things either.

  • Anonymous

    […] […]

  • aydan

    the kid who made his shoes out of some bottles didn’t make me ask why. its because he is poor.

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