Amazing food creations (11 Photos)


  • Nick

    i might try my hand at this during dinner tonight

  • confused

    takes playing with your food to a whole new level

  • McBeastie

    Can any of those double as a bong? No? Not that amazing then.

  • Vern

    McBeastie – The apple can. Didn’t you ever smoke in high school?

  • c4vemanlawyer

    Same with the watermelon. and the bread. and the banana.

    you just have to be creative!

    • BillyBlaze

      How do you smoke outta bread?

      • HellHathNoFury

        Leave it in the oven too long.

  • uberbrie

    I like it Bob, Bobert, Boberino, Bob-O, Steak Ka-Bob, Bob and Big, corn on the Bob, invest with Charles ScBob, Bob Schneider, Bobing for apples…I could keep going but i’ll save it for another time.

  • Sam

    If you guys take a close look at the orange one, you will see that it is physically impossible and thus most likely shopped. Many other ones appear shopped.

    • Anonymous

      perhaps it is being held by something that you just can’t see from the angle the photo was taken. I think your shopped.

  • dos santos

    I broke one black egg once.. the smell…….

  • drainbrain

    soupe operaaa

  • boneman

    the ONLY photoshop I can see is the left egg (unless that’s an ostrich egg, two emu eggs, four chicken eggs, eight quail eggs, and sixteen drops of yellow food dye…which, as i think of it, it may just be! Love the egg on the right!
    The only confusing thing is one picture…the watermelon. There’s a string of spiderweb on the faucet. Unless the watermelon is a styrofoam thingie…that would be hard.
    By the way, the orange?
    Aluminum wires WILL support a tangerine…
    not to be a smart as…just saying. It’s all possible!

  • mook

    This does not compute. We just turn it into poop who cares what it looks like.

  • damn

    Food with boobies! Every man’s dream!

  • Sedated

    I don’t care what it looks like. If it’s tasty, nutritional, and safe, I’m eating it.

  • Tommy Angelo

    Look for funny Food Creations

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