The biggest food on the planet…why? (12 Photos)

Because we could all use a shot of steroids for our ego.

  • Whattahottie

    if only this worked on homo sapien penises… in moderation of course though 😉

  • Anonymous

    two things; what the hell is number 7 and 10 should be in a Prozac commercial with smiling Bob

  • Insert Name Here

    what the hell is #7

    • gingerHHNF


      • HellHathNoFury

        I can’t fathom what you’re playing at, but you are definitely not me. Feel special.

        • C4vemanlawyer

          That is an 83 pound rutabaga from the 2009 Alaska state fair.

          Alaska – pissing off Texas since 1959!

          Google is awesome!

  • Ken

    My entire life the only thing that I ever really wanted was a 83 pound Rutabaga. I thought my life was complete, but….

    Steak looks good, though.

  • confused

    i wonder if any of these people thought about doing these crazy food enlargements in famine countries

  • StatchMan

    US of FN A

  • Anonymous

    if the dude in #3 eats all of that, he’s gonna have a hell of a brain freeze

    • Mustafa_Beer

      A chain of Ice Cream parlors in New York called Jahn’s used to serve that sunday, called the Kitchen Sink ( note drain pipes holding the “bowl”) 1 scoop of every ice cream they had with every topping. If you could eat the whole thing it was free!

  • wastefull

    the steak looks normal, i can eat that no problem

  • Megarath

    O! Delicious, enormous pizza! I need you inside me RIGHT NOW!

  • bubble_rider86

    hey megarath, you better share that pizza or be ready to battle it out! Mmmm…i love hot, gooey goodness….=D

  • steve

    isnt #7 celeriac?? Look at the top… rutabagas are smooth. Celery root is not.

    • aaron

      Its a rutabaga…I can tell by the pixels….and from seeing a few in my time.

  • Regina

    as if America isn’t obese already…but then again FEED THE FAT ONES…so i will look good!!!!!!!!!!!

  • chiverheckler

    How did the vegetables/fruits get that big?

  • P-90

    Damn, I really want some ice-cream now.

  • David Andrew Paton

    Some of those veggies would fit right in with my groinal garden. Oh yeah.

  • SJ

    Watermelon!….just need 3 or 4 bottles of vodka…leave overnight….then it’ll be awesome.

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