Cool Olympic helmet artwork (14 photos)

  • D'oh

    Doesn’t come even a bit close to Tom Ford’s (presenter of Fifth Gear) Predator helmet. Still cool though, but you just can’t beat the Predator.

  • Brandon

    #8 is pretty sweet

  • aaron

    goalie helmets? Ryan Miller has an awesome one.

  • Anonymous

    3 and 4 shopped?

  • Regina

    pretty ‘shopped to me

  • Phil

    They’re not shopped, I saw both those helmets on tv live… that’s what they look like.

    But yea why no goalie helmets? There’s a lot of awesome ones this year.

  • dirty

    3 isn’t shopped, he’s a friend of mine and grew up in my home town

  • wally

    #3 looks like Canadian Jon Montgomery. He took gold in men’s skeleton. The designs on his helment and the one in #3 are Canadian aboriginal peoples’ – one of the tribes on the West coast of Canada are the Haida. Betcha you can Google some pretty cool images.

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