Ordinary objects…enhance (19 Photos)


  • aweidah alkeik

    nice photos.it make live cool

    • mook

      yes it live cool, just like memorex

      I really duno if its real or a copy

  • ass party

    It’s the Death By Cop Comb from Spishak Industries

    • kaveman

      have they gone beyond the "bag-o" line?

  • Brandon

    #12 is kind of creepy

  • Joey

    Picture #5 I want very badly, where can i find it?

    • showtownman

      Looks like a onefer to me. Probably made from an old book, sized appropriately. But hey, I been wrong before. Tell ya this for free, though: I’m startin’ to look for BIG old books cheap. Killer, killer idea.

    • pokerphob

      It’s actually from a company called Twelve South. A link to their homepage:http://www.twelvesouth.com/
      I am looking for a case or a sleeve for my Mac at the moment and this would be perfect.

  • Laura

    A rocking chair toilet…welcome to America!

  • MichaelGS

    mustang pool table = i want to go there

  • Bongo

    Number 5 is a Netbook BAHAHAHA

  • drmzindec

    #12 LOL! Thats just sad!

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