How to cover up a regretful tat (18 Photos)

  • jeff in Australia

    Of course had you not been stupid to start with….

    Particular young female people..

    You own something beautiful, don't deface it with "art" that you like THIS WEEK…

    Painting a mustache on the Mona Lisa comes to mind..

    • John

      Merely your opinion which is fine, but saying that make you look intolerant. If you want a tattoo, who cares. Teach your kids you conservative ways and shut it when someone else doesn’t. To some…your boring!

      • HellHathNoFury

        Please, finish. His boring is what to some? I would love to know what his boring does. The suspense is killing me.

      • jeff in Australia

        All of the photo’s above are there because the owners regretted getting their tattoo’s.
        As someone below states, ” cover an ugly tattoo with an uglier tattoo.”
        Seems to this boring person that it would be easier not to be “inked” in the first place.
        When you and all of us were younger, every kid had a current fad ( insert yours here )
        Be it a yo-yo, cabbage patch doll or whatever, so we all had to have one..
        Now you would not be seen dead using your ( insert Y. H.)
        Because they were a fad as tattoos are today….. here today gone painfully and uglier tomorrow….
        Tattoo’s, to this boring and intolerant person are a fad…
        Thank you for not being too insulting.. very refreshing..

        • HellHathNoFury

          I understood your first rant. I was being a grammar Nazi *Best. Jew. Ever* because you said ‘your boring’ as in, ‘your boring wife is bringing out my homicidal tendencies’, rather than, ‘you’re boring’, as in, ‘you are boring, but I’m shortening it to you’re because I’m too lazy to say one extra syllable’.

          • jeff in Australia

            Do hope you are somewhat confused… My reply was to “John” and not your good self.. Having read and smiled at most of your comments on these pages, I know your claws are as sharp as your wit…. and just as entertaining for an onlooker.
            Not wanting to be the bearer of deep physiological scratches, I would never deem to try and correct and you. Tourchwood you understand..

        • FapMaster

          If your opinion is correct, tattoos are a 5,000 year old fad.

          Definition of the word fad: a practice or interest followed for a brief period of time with exaggerated zeal.

          Your argument is invalid.

        • Scott77


  • Eirik

    #9: Nice symbolism

  • Nagrom

    Love the “SLUT” stamp LOL

  • mustafabeer

    Some very inventive and artistic people covered up some dum ass tats.

    • (A)

      You spelled dumb wrong. Can you spell irony?

      • mook

        You corrected his spelling. Can you get a life?

        • donuteyes

          who really needs a life, the corrector or the person who seems to be concerned with the corrector?

          • I Need A Life :P

            wait…who really needs a life, the corrector or the person who seems to be concerned with the corrector of the corrector?

            • inspectmyclouseau

              THEY TOOK OUR JOBS!

  • Dave

    I love how almost all of them are someone’s name. Worst tattoo idea ever!

  • Jon

    the important distinction is that you don’t get a LIVING person’s name tattooed. dead people can’t piss you off and make you regret it.
    also: don’t hate just because you’re too much of a pussy to get some ink

    • LOL

      I agree…except for putting your childrens names on. That’ll work. 😉

      Here’s what y’all do to avoid this malfunction in the future. Pick a symbol or moment in your lives together. You saw a concert together…a movie…a tree…whatever together. Put that symbol on your body to represent that person. Then when passions fade, like they usually do, you’ll have the symbol to represent the memory of the good times you had. Instead of the name. 😉

      • ssss9999

        Good idea, LOL.

  • McBeastie

    Read: How to cover up a bad tattoo with a bad tattoo.
    Like the first one. Let me cover up this horribly designed name tat with a horribly out of style douchy tribal tat….win.

    • Brandon

      Yeah, seriously. These aren’t much better after than they were before.

  • Weezy

    or a bird!

  • ssss9999

    Yeah, they all look pretty trashy to me.

  • Ken

    From Josh to the Grim Reaper is a strong statement.

  • sws4420

    So basically cover an ugly tattoo with an uglier tattoo. Noted.

  • mook

    I think the lesson is to not get other peoples names tattooed.

  • HellHathNoFury

    I’m so getting shoulder angel and shoulder devil tattoos.
    They shall say, ‘TheChive’ and ‘SheChive’.

    • inspectmyclouseau

      Question is, which is going to be the angel and which is going to be the devil?

  • evilorstupid

    HHNF – how do you still have any bare skin for more tattoos at this point in your life?

    • HellHathNoFury

      I only have two, Foolio.

  • KhakiMallard

    Good God, where did these people get these tats, in jail? Cocaine's a helluva drug.

  • dave

    a good cover up is always appreciated but people need to search for better artists.

  • Motis

    #6,#8 and #9 very good cover I also have Grim Reaper and Gargoyles and mine are prison tattoo's and better than any damn shop!!

    • HoMotis

      Tell that to your doctor when you get your hepatitis meds

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