Celebs then and now (31 Photos)

These intriguing photos brought to you by the good people at vvw.ru/

  • Mr Obvious

    I love Mila Kunis

  • krisb

    I honestly don’t know who 1/2 these women are.
    But whatshername, Rehab crack whore, still looks the same.

  • loomragwoodtwin

    so many nose jobs

    • Mustafa_Beer

      you notice nose jobs???

  • towash

    Thank heaven for little girls…

  • towash

    I noticed the nose jobs too. At least Angelina’s lips look original.

  • w00p

    I’d say Megan Fox as a child is a phtoshop from jealous women. I perfectly understand that she couldn’t have been beautiful during her whole life, but it’s impossible that she was THAT ugly… I mean: unibrow? Missing teeth? Not buying it.

    • 81johnsonmike81

      I don’t know who number 30 is but I like her.

      • nano

        i think she is Mila Kunis

      • masshole

        The original site says Katy Perry.

    • its_forge

      She's not *that* attractive *now,* dude. Just because everybody says she is doesn't mean she is, it just means someone paid a bunch of print publications and TV gossip reporters to say she is.

  • P-90

    I just realised that the young Alyssa Milano pic is from Commando.
    I watch Heroes and have to say I never get tired of Hayden Panettiere’s beauty.

  • top dog

    Catherine Zeta Jones, Charlize Theron and Jessica Biel are three of the sexiest women in Hollywood….hell, on the planet, Hungry! But you left one out though, Michelle Pfeiffer. I would love to see what she looked like when she younger. Now I’am making myself hungry!

  • PooPooCachoo

    Thanks Chive, not I feel “dirty.”

  • 81johnsonmike81

    They should just call this before and after plastic surgery.

  • http://powersticks.wordpress.com powersticks

    I wish that their names were on the photos. i didn’t even know 6 of them.

  • ChrisDG74

    Coulda done without Amy Whinehouse(or Winehouse – however it’s spelled). Ya made up for it though with the Rihanna under-boobage

  • vitorla

    Charlize, Natalie Imbruglia, and Zooey?!?! Yes please.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/John-Whitsel/1082023363 John Whitsel

      Which is Natalie?

  • Shadow Sterk

    Anyone can tell me number 8 name? For further research…

    • vitorla

      I’m fairly certain that’s Natalie Imbruglia. If not, then she looks strikingly similar and equally gorgeous.

    • hobbes

      Number 8 is Alyssa Milano

      • vitorla

        You might be right. Is that little pic her in Commando?

  • slutifer

    eliza is hawt

  • Teehee

    megan fox’s unibrow

  • cheezebits

    #13 is just two childhood pictures, I don't get it.

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