Hot Right Now: Being an adult is tough work (27 Photos)

There’s something about Thai women, man (8 Photos)

That’s right, these dudes are in town to compete in the Miss Ladyboy pageant in Thailand. Perverts.

  • saurabh1109

    u r looking very cute

  • The Chuck Man

    guilible people lol, this site is like the onioin. No real news reported here ! too funny. Thailand doesnt have THAT many ladyboys…and get this: ladyboys, trannies, crossdressers. whatever..are ALL OVER THE WORLd in every culture. yes even pygmies in the outback.

    Is that true? oh I dont have a site to prove it? lol think about the sources here too …just too funny.

    I myself find at least 3 reputable sources before believing anything. to believe is to be-lie remove the lies so all you have left is truth. To blindly do that without fact checking is foolish at best.

  • Random

    I don’t care, “girl” 2 in pic 7 I’d tap, really cute. But a few of the others yea I could pick out as a mangirl.

  • Random

    Pic 4* sorry, typo.

  • Equalizer

    You mean Thai Gays are more Hot than American Women!

  • Random

    They must have had really good surgeons.

  • Mazzachre

    Old news really… And ya, these Thai “girls” are really hot!

  • andyb

    Who CARES! I LOVE them, they’re BEAUTIFUL!

  • @andreatdariva

    hello seek geo

    • @andreatdariva

      you here me seekies

  • Flicka

    Since this isn't a new trick from the chive, the "man" in the title clued me in.

  • John

    There's a whole bunch of photos from the 2011 Miss Tiffany's Universe elimination round here:

  • Mohammedamin

    Jun19 2011 in bangkok for me sex ladyboys send tome

  • shattereddreams

    I still would ha ha

  • dave

    Very nice if you're a fan of that. However, most blokes tend to get caught unawares.

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