• bodombeats

    wow that was epicly retarded

  • Ash


    • bodombeats

      I wonder what HHNF has to say about this….

      • HellHathNoFury

        When my parents told me that swingers always end up getting hurt, this is not what I thought he meant. *sudden realization* so that means I’m free to…..

  • Random Task

    Take THAT Mythbusters!

    • Jaime

      Actually Mythbusters proved it couldnt be done with a normal chain swing. A rigid bar (as used here) is fairly easy with enough momentum.

  • confused

    damn that looks like it hurt

  • Naked Ape

    FAKE !!1!!! I can tell by some of the pixels…

    Just kidding, I dunno, definitely stupid.

  • BrB

    I used to visit your site daily however lately it takes WAY too long to load. Even when i am on fiber line with a top end computer using Chrome….It took me over 2 min to navigate to this page and get the vid going!

    • erm

      I am on a cable line and i have noticed a sudden decrease in performance to.

  • Justin

    ^ Then your internet sir, truly sucks a big one. It took me 5 seconds to load with a Cable line

    • galy

      Learn to use the ‘REPLY’ button you moron.

  • nosferatu

    I was expecting it to be much much worse.

    • omfgbec

      Me too.

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