Now that’s embarrassing (6 photos)

  • LOL

    Fixodent & forget it. 😉

  • Mustafa_Beer

    Leo… you are amazing. NO one wanted to be first! hopefully, some one beat me to it while I was typing

  • Gutterville

    He’s not pro because then he could afford real teeth and not fake falling out teeth

    • gonzomania

      That pic is old, probably before the new teeth technology. Christiano Ronaldo also has some type of dentures. Not sure if he’s gotten implants lately though.

  • snake


  • Sor


  • Anonymous

    He doesnt look like a pro goalkeeper but thats an Ajax jersey. One of the top football, sorry, SOCCER teams in Amsterdam

  • Spliffer

    Oh he’s from Ajax Cape Town. Ajax launched a local franchise here a few years ago

  • pookie

    it’s amazing what the lack of those front teeth do for his image. Without them he looks like a fucking yokel lol

  • Hah!

    What’s embarrassing is posting the pictures out of sequence. Sloppy posting, guys. The proper order should be 1, 2, 5, 4, 6.

  • rain

    Guys this is the Goalie, Moeneeb Josephs, for Ajax in Cape Town, South Africa. Its fairly recent pics. In the Cape, most kids cant wait to turn 16 so that they can take their teeth out, so he probably only wears the dentures when his playing.

  • arsenal

    its football!! not soccer!! 😛 peace out

  • Spliffer

    @arsenal – Sorry, football. Remember we’re a rugby and cricket nation. Our football team, Bafana Bafana, kinda sucks. We recently drew against Namibia. There’s more people in Cape Town that the entire Namibia and they don’t really have a professional team, mostly part timers who practice after work.

  • » Nødvendig informasjon om VMs dag 12

    […] at Moeneeb Joesephs trolig overtar i målet. Fohåpentligvis blir det mulig å se gebisset hans, som innimellom detter ut. Det rapporteres også at han alltid tar det ut når han skal spise kjøtt, noe som kanskje virker […]

  • Anonymous

    That’s a no… no…

  • http://PhindileRebeccaRadebe@facebook Phindile Radebe

    Moeneeb still look hot in these pic hotter that christiano Ronaldo

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