Believe it or not, these are paintings (30 Photos)

Apparently, despite hardly believing this myself, all of these photos are fake. Instead, they’re hyper-real paintings from some of the best artists all around the globe. Check out more amazing work by Alyssa Monks at at

  • porkchop sandwhiches

    Agreed. Some names of artists would be greatly appreciated. Or at least for #1 and #25.

    Also, gotta love the expression on the cat's face in #13. "Do it bitch! I dare you!"

    • 1kissbee

      #1 is done by Alyssa Monks the other two I am not sure about.

  • gg

    I want to own ’em all…. also 1st you bitches!

    • Anonymous

      By calling ‘first’ you win the Chive’s “Dumbshit of the Day” award – congratulations! Your parents must be proud!

      • gg

        How to wind up a w*nker in 1 easy move. Get a life and let people do what they feel they must – 1st,,2nd or 3rd who really gives a shit what you think?

  • Master Chicken

    what’s the name of the artists?

  • NotCleverEnoughForARealUsername

    …second? *sighs* I’ll never be first…

    These were unreal, truly talented artists.

    • Yo Mama

      You should change your screen name to “NotCleverEnoughToKnowWhenI’mNot2nd”


  • MichaelGS

    a few of them you can see are paintings, but still amazing paintings. wish i was this good

  • top dog

    Damn, thats good!!

  • Preformed Cone

    How is #1 not a photo?! That is just amazing!

  • 2400cc

    Wow that’s amazing. I appreciate the tribute to M.C. Escher in #24…

    • Anonymous

      ha, i didn’t even catch that

  • Anonymous


  • meve76

    is it possible to get a few names of the artists? great post anyway!

  • Brandon

    Holy crap these are incredible. Especially the ones with water (1, 16, 25).

  • garp

    …16 is farkin nuts, love these, all of them

  • Deal Masen

    Uh airbrush? Or pure awesome painting skills?

    • yikes

      digital arts and skills, I’d say

  • markybhoy

    . They all look like they were done with Adobe Illustrator. I assume these are from Amazing stuff.

  • Rusty

    I’m calling bullshit on some of these being paintings. I think there’s a couple in there that are CGI.

  • Jacob Brine

    Meh ive seen better

  • confused

    damn i want these also i would like to know how to pain them

  • Champse

    27 is a painting?!


  • gene

    Where do I buy!

  • JoJoBean

    27th woo hooo!

  • Mia Kardallis


  • ItzMe

    #1 by Alyssa Monks
    #7 and 8 By Glennray Tutor
    wikipedia Photorealism

  • jeff in Australia

    I love art. I love talented people, I wish I was one.
    But.. If these paintings are as hard to distinguish from photo’s as they appear to be.
    Why would you bother, not rubbishing the artist or their art, but in taking a photo you would end up with exactly the same results, a lot quicker, and easier.
    Guess they would sell at a fraction of the cost though so I guess they have it right.

    • David Luhr

      A lot of people wonder the same thing about Hyperrealism and Photorealism. Many simply ask "why bother when you can just take a photo?"

      Every artist has a very unique reason, but many have expressed a desire to shown an alternate reality. A camera adds many elements that cannot be seen with the human eye such as depth of field, lens flare, etc., and a painting of a photo leaves even more room for a different version of reality.

      Of course, some do it simply for the challenge, but many artists (including myself, a fellow realist), want to develop a relationship with image over the many many hours of creating it. If it was simply a photo, we may not feel that viewers will see this commitment and relationship to the subject. We employ cameras another tool to make possible our work.

      Check out which has some great interviews of many of the artists featured here.

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