Believe it or not, these are paintings (30 Photos)

Apparently, despite hardly believing this myself, all of these photos are fake. Instead, they’re hyper-real paintings from some of the best artists all around the globe. Check out more amazing work by Alyssa Monks at at

  • David Luhr

    To anyone doubting that any of these are paintings, please check out the work of the artists, many of whom have work in progress shots of them painting.

    #17, 18 by Simon Hennessey (simzzz on, #23-25 by Ja5on on, #27-29 by Denis Peterson (denis-peterson on, #21-22 by Pedro Campos.

    I have seen the works of all the other artists but cannot recall their names. A good publication featuring every artist here except on is

    P.S. Some saying it is CGI may be thrown off by the glow of works done with airbrushed acrylics.

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