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The largest ice labyrinth ever constructed (20 Photos)

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ice labyrinth 07 The largest ice labyrinth ever constructed (20 Photos)

This ice maze was built for the winter festival in Buffalo is, officially, the world’s largest.
A representative from Guinness World Records confirmed the title Friday after measuring the 12,855.68-square-foot labyrinth. Volunteers set the last of the 2,200, 300-pound blocks of ice in place Thursday night, in time for the 2010 Buffalo Powder Keg Winter Festival. If I was a kid, this would be so freaking cool.


Overhead photos by the great Joe Cascio

  • LOL

    Oh God…like a corn maze isn't enough? Now I gotta go be cold and do it too? Alright…putting on my coat…

    LOL! This looks brrrrrr cold but fun. 😉

    • Conan Smith

      your so gay!!! brrrrrr that!!!!

  • mook

    Neat, ice and a maze, damn.

  • vitorla

    This is a lawsuit waiting to happen. What if someone knocked over a wall onto someone on the other side. I realize frozen ice bricks are very heavy but there is still a possibility.

    • Shadow Sterks

      It’s a shame people like you think like that and fuck up the fun for everyone else.

      • vitorla

        False, it’s a shame that people act on it.

        • Nateb123

          Pretty sure they use a heat gun or torch to melt the blocks together. Essentially the entire maze is as strong as if it was carved out of a single piece of ice so no problems with things being tipped over.

          • Manicotti

            That, or they just pour water over the cracks to freeze everything together. Neither is a complicated fix for human idiocy.

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