These paintings are way cooler than I gave credit (24 Photos)

These photos are actually all real people painted to look like…well paintings. The insane artist is Alexa Meade.

  • Equalizer

    I bet she made a lot of practice doing it in her drunk pass-out friends

  • mook

    The only problem with this ‘painting’ people is that it is very easy and with the same assortment of colors anyone else could do this. That is what art is besides expression and emotion producing is original and talented and skilled. Sad that skill and talent are no longer part of art.

    • IceBerg

      Define “very easy.” Mr. high and mighty the mook, where is your chive-worthy art? You sir are a raTard

    • Anonymous

      By your logic almost all Art should be discredited since anyone with the right colors can reciprocate it. How about instead of judging the Art by its difficulty we instead think about its meaning and the originality of the artist. By those standards i think this does count as art. maybe it doesn’t have a wide audience but art isn’t about that.

    • Deal Masen

      Art is practically an assortment of anything…. including colors.

    • Da Cuntstabber

      He's right people that gal sucks and it ain't no art nigga

  • Mustafa_Beer

    If I were in the NYC subway and saw # 20, I would go zombie hunting !! 12 Ga style!

  • SlumP

    Great work !!!

  • Brandon

    Reminds me of the movie Waking Life

  • big dog

    Ahhhhhu haa!! You had me going with this one.

  • yet another anon

    19: Wow, hobo-Clinton looks confused!

  • G.Nagaraja

    A nice collection of art the combination of colors are very convincing the artist excelled out him self

  • Nicnac

    can someone recommend hair gel to this artist so she can at least make the hair look clumpy and painted. It ruins the effect completely.

  • jeff in Australia

    Can’t help asking ….Why..?

  • Szaby

    Genius idea!!! love it! 🙂


    I know what i wanna be for Halloween this year

  • aleX

    I think that is really GREAT and SMART.
    Very good work!

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