• top dog

    I never like starbucks coffee anyway. Forget the caffeine, it taste like crap. I tried it once, never again.

  • Equalizer

    I wish that poster are more easier to read

    • norm

      I wish that poster made me give a crap about what it’s saying. Newsflash – coffee has caffeine in it, like a lot. Imagine the idiot that put it together going, “this’ll blow people’s minds!”

  • HellHathNoFury

    I live across the water from Seattle, home of Starbucks, and I’ve never been to a Starbucks.

    • forge

      Going to Seattle and getting Starbucks is like going to England and drinking Bass Ale – you might’ve thought it was cool back home but NONE OF THE LOCALS DRINK THAT CRAP EVER.

  • Nicnac

    so what…. sugar and more specifically high fructose is the killer in sodas. the side effects of caffeine are varied but don’t cause mortal obesity or diabetes.
    As a sign of the growing backlash against HFCS, manufacturers are now switching to high maltose corn syrup.

  • Zooks

    It’s coffee and it’s strong. Most people object to the burnt, bitter taste (and the price) but I’m an experienced coffee lover and I’ve always liked Starbucks. Nothing like a hot cup of bitter black coffee on a frosty morning before work. Sharpens me like a pencil.

    I’m West Coast Canadian and everything else readily available–Waves, Blenz, Tim Horton’s, Seattle’s Best, Artiggiano, etc. just tastes like watery hot chocolate to me.

  • slutifer

    the pic could be smaller, btw i prefer italian coffee

  • mook

    I live in your mother.

    Caffeine is a drug, whats the problem? Coffee places suck all together, can make it way cheaper at home grinding beans and steeping with hot water, wow amazing. $7 to look cool yet be a douche bag, or what 20 cents to get the same high quality coffee?


  • Darko

    I do enjoy my Starbucks everynow and then but I can buy a case of Jolt for the price of 3 coffees…plus the Jolt tastes better and is more fun to open around easily scared people.

  • MIKE

    Now I know why Starbuck's make me feel good. Gotta love that caffeine! Starbuck's you rock.

  • Gaja

    What an important posting, continue producing sweetheart

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