• Rusty

    That kid looks like the Michelin man.

  • Equalizer

    Super Size Me Baby!!!

  • Robbo

    You gonna finish those fries

  • scruffy

    yep, that’s the Michelin Man’s kid :D…

    how could people do that to their kids :S

    • Roscoe

      I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that the parents are tipping the scales quite a bit, too.

  • Battleangel

    Fact: McDonalds french fries are made with the “New Leaf Potato” which is regestered with the FDA as a pesticide. A PESTICIDE. The effing potato is a pesticide. WTF

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  • peteyroberto

    even his fingers are fat

  • meg

    its still good

  • alex

    almost 10 comments and none of them are the obligatory “this is why I don’t eat fast food/watch tv/have sex with the homeless”.

  • powersticks

    I think I’m going to stop eating fast food now.

    • Chris

      You’re lying. Let’s face it, if we live in a city where a McD or one or the others are available, you probably inhale a larger amount of toxins just by walking outside. 90% of the things you buy in supermarkets or shops also have the same chemicals or others, equally toxic. And the biggest argument… we’ve known fast food food is bad for us for years. There is a scandal about someone choking or dying or suing them every few months. But we still go and buy from them. Because it TASTES good.

      We live short lives, we’ll be mindless drones for our last years, so we might as well enjoy the time we have.

      Of course, if it’s ALL you eat and start weighing more than your car, you should probably stop, yeah…

      • HellHathNoFury

        How is he lying? I haven’t eaten fast food since I worked at the Dairy Queen is Silverdale, Wa 6 years ago. I have gone hungry on road trips, I’ve brought my own snacks, anyhting but fast food. Mold in the ice cream and soda tubes, boxes of frozen patties broken open during ‘trucking’ and then put in the fryer since ‘they’re frozen, floor crap doesn’t stick to them’, obese managers, stinky breath from eating the food. The best part was feeling sluggish and having sour-smelling sweat after eating a small burger for lunch. My daughter may have fast food while she’s out with friends, but never with me.
        Our most popular Blizzard, the large Strawberry Cheesecake, has 1,200 calories.

  • heartrender

    phew, good think dunkin donuts is not on the list…

  • Wheeler

    lol, i read this while eating carls jr.

  • mssugarkane

    I’m just gonna say this. I worked at Pizza Hut for two years, do not eat anything fried, or the thick crust pizza, it’ll plug your arteries in a week.

    • DERP

      my friend is a worker at pizza hut. she said the workers there spit on customer’s food, they even put nasty things. i was like eeew you guys are gross as hell.

  • Ani

    We’re fucked up, not only it’s so adictive, but it’s almoast deadly. USA is the fatest country in the world, no ofense, but some habits need to be changed. poor kid

  • gene

    3,760 calories daily for America? bullshit, its more closer to 2,700

  • Ken

    I eat at McDonald’s only about 2-3 times per year…but I love it. Fast food joints don’t have a monopoly on health code violations. Life’s a crap shoot. We can get salmonella from organic spinach handled only by Tibetan monks.

    It’s okay to treat yourself once in a while, just be smart about it. Just like everything else, if you do it to excess, it ain’t good.

    • mook

      Don’t forget you can also eat literal shit food as long as it is mixed with food which is healthy.

      The key being exercise the one thing never mentioned and rarely done by unhealthy people…

      • Paco

        treat youself? I can tell you're a fat slob

  • mook

    I love things like this. Lets bash McDonalds, then go there next week and tell people we do not eat there. This gets my retard stamp because McDonalds and all other fast food organizations do not become this big without everyone either giving into them and helping funding or standing on the side and letting it pass. So welcome to reality where we are all to blame for crap food which will eventually kill or mutate us all.

  • Krashtester

    We haven’t eaten at Mc Donalds, Burger King or any other fast food joint in months, It’s not that hard to do. Used to be Mc Donalds was awesome, especially their fries, not anymore, it all tastes like crap now. Always had that bloated feeling afterward. Just nasty.

    Just stop going, get creative with your cooking at home and do some exercise. Oh and one other thing, stop cramming medicine into your bodies, pure toxins! (Including Aspirin) Got a headache, try a cold compress, got a body ache, use a heat pack. Haven’t taken so much as an aspirin in years.

    • Frankie Muniz

      really? Medicine is toxins? So if you say get hit by a car riding your bike and you break say your femur, are you going to try a cold compress or a heat pack?

      I think you would be using a "toxin" to help ease the pain.

      Fucking tool. It's assholes like you that take things to the extreme and tell people how to live. As many others have said, anything in excess is bad.

  • Zach

    You should also consider for the number of health violations things. Out of that list McD has the most because they also have the most stores. Not to mention these are franchises, and as detailed as Corporate can make the Standard Operating Procedures, it’s up to each individual franchise owner to enforce them. There for it’s easier, however still disgusting, to have many violations.

    • Tab

      That doesn’t make sense. If (and that’s a big if) these numbers are right, it doesn’t matter how many stores a brand has. It’s the number of violations PER inspection visit — so it’s not an absolute number that isn’t being weighed against absolute store-count.
      So, having less outlets actually would increase the expected rate of violations, since you’d be hitting the previous offenders sooner (probably long before anyone starts caring or doing anything about earlier violations).

  • BEAM

    “USA is the fattest country in the world”

    Australia actually passed the US as fattest (per population) a couple of years back. Not that second fattest is anything to brag about.

    • Jarda

      @BEAM: hardly would any other country take your 1st place in obesity. No, you are the fattest ones on planet.

  • NotCleverEnoughForARealUsername

    Krashtester I totally agree. I haven’t eaten fast food in months because of the cost. Now, three months after not having it everyday… I’m a vegetarian who does yoga everyday. And I can’t even look at soda. Yuck.

    • Frankie Muniz

      wait you can't afford fast food, yet you can afford yoga? Why do you think America's poor falls into the obesity catagory? Beacuse it's cheap.

      Raising the bullshit flag here.

  • jeff in Australia

    The same as it goes in, as it comes out..

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  • P-90

    ‘Everything you need to know about fast food’
    It tastes awesome, that is all.

  • Matt

    I’d just like to point out the fact about the strawberry milkshakes containing diacetyl. Diacetyl is sometimes a major contributer to wine organoleptics, American wine styles are big with diacetyl in particular. Just a little somethin.

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