Funny sports fanatics (13 photos)

  • Mustafa_Beer

    #2… I’ve had her several times… you’ll have to sweeten the pot.
    Throw in #4 and you have a deal

    #13 Eagles fans rock!

    • stafferty

      Anybody who throws beer bottle at Santa is ok in my book. (I’m a Giant’s fan and I have to respect that level of Asshole-ishness. It’s not as though we respect Kolb as a legitiment threat”

  • bowhuntpa

    love all the crazy philly fans!!!

  • jimmy

    anyone notice the hot chick behind tiger??

    • magentapyramid

      Probably one of his hos.

      • Simpson

        first hing i saw actually

  • WHAT?!


    #8 is worth of a ‘you might me a redneck joke’…but I am currently at a loss…..

  • Equalizer

    I Love Alabama Swallows

  • HHNFFan

    #2 FTW

  • Big Bob

    Guy in #11 passed the gay test. The girl on the right passed the bi-curious test (which makes her pretty cool in my book).

    • n1ghtstalker

      Yeah man.. I bet it was a tough time getting there, getting called a cheerleading pussy while everyone else went to do real sports… Who left with the better memories at the end of school though… I am guessing he did!

  • The Vagiterian

    #8 is the embodiment of that LSU class you find if Baton Rouge.

    Roll Tide

    • depcrestwood

      Hey! Nah, you’re right. Good call. Still, go Tigers.

    • Sassy

      ROLL TIDE indeed!

      Geaux Bama!

  • Dennis

    Tell ’em Philly.

  • MTD

    I wonder if the chick in #1 behind Tiger was one of his victims!

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