Ferrari 599 GTO is quicker than an Enzo (5 Photos)

The new Ferrari 599 GTO has a 6.0-liter V12 (itself derived from the Enzo’s engine) and has from 612 horsepower to 661. The top speed is in excess of 208 mph which hopefully warrants the $460,000 price tag.

  • somerandomguy

    kinda looks like the gtr

  • jeff in Australia

    Love the shape, love the color, would love the money even more..
    All of the beautifully shaped machines that are shown here, all seem to go 200mph +..
    Question… where..?

    • Matt

      the autobahn…

      • top dog

        Wrong answer, you can’t drive that fast in Germany, not anymore.

        • Big Bob

          While many parts of the autobahn do have speed limits, there are still some parts of it that do not. Granted, the heavy traffic often stops anyone wanting to go that fast.

  • Insert Name Here

    599XX is even sexier

    • Nateb123

      Yeah except you can’t take any Ferrari XX car on roads. You don’t even own them, you just sort of get a perpetual rent situation where you don’t even keep the car in your garage. So the GTO version is pure win for that alone.

  • Sazuke

    Almeno le auto le sappiamo ancora fare!

  • youdummy

    Automatic? WTF?

    • Big Bob

      It’s got the F1 transmission, which uses paddle shifters instead of an actual stick.

      • Big Bob

        I forgot to mention – the clutch is automated, which is why you don’t see one.

  • Equalizer

    I want one for Christmas

  • top dog

    Nice car to look at, wouldn’t want to own one, too expensive and too fast for me. You can’t even drive 200mph on the moon, so whats the point?

    • Big Bob

      That’s like saying you couldn’t keep up with the sexiest woman alive so what’s the point? A burger will fill your belly but a steak is so much better. My car’s speedometer goes much faster than I’ll ever drive it too. Don’t most cars this side of the hybrids?

      Someday I’ll get around to picking one of these up (I wish). I was lucky enough to drive a Ferrari 348 GTS back in the mid 90’s and while it was nothing like this Ferrari, in terms of performance, it was still a blast to drive!

  • nerf herder

    That car is how babies are made…. also I 100% agree with Big Bob, well put.

  • Board

    Its only quicker than an Enzo when the traction control is ON….and that makes it a huuge fake in my eyes!!ill much rather have the 458 =)

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