• Equalizer

    #20 is cool

  • Bob

    #4, yes please

  • P-90

    #18 FTW.

  • ch0nies

    #21 really? for an 18th bday….and numero tres looks like shes in the bakery that made the cake and she puttin her mouth all over it, cochina!

  • top dog

    Pretty creative. I think the McDonalds cake send the wrong message. “When you’re not eating cake, eat at Mickey Dee’s”.


  • anystranger

    While they are astonishing as art pieces, fact is – they are not very tasty😦
    I love to eat cakes.

  • maryjane

    :O omg i wanna make #4

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  • Jay

    Does that one dude in #21 have a foot fetish or am I missing something?

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  • Rick

    #17 Im from philly so I think this is awesome. #23 is great, #4 is a good idea

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