I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll WTF your house down (28 Photos)


  • Joe Clyde

    What. Nobody was brave enough to take a picture inside?

    • Bob

      Yea I wanted inside shots too.

      The last pic made me lol

  • LOL

    Oh my God I totally want to SWINGGGGGGGGG on their swing!!! Can you imagine the flying you could do with a swing that long? TOO MUCH FUN!!!

    • T

      I feel like you could launch yourself into that house accidentally…very easily.

      • ♫♫

        Haha yeah …. especially when the duct tape finally snaps

        At first glance this building looked condemned, but up close it looks pretty solid.

    • LOL

      Dildo in the bum bum! TOO MUCH FUN!!!

      • LOL

        I don’t know whether to be flattered or irritated by having someone pirate my moniker…I’ll go with neither and tell you to fuck off and die somewhere without any pussy within 20 miles…;) Yeah…that’ll work. Knothead….

        I still want to swing on that thing…OMG…new thing I want to do on it…the twist the ropes around & around & around so that when they untwist I’ll spin & spin…the G force on that could be significant! COOL!!

  • etchasketchasaurus

    Wow, that looks stable..”Welcome to your new tree house kids…..please sign this waiver.”

  • http://rubberdogturds.wordpress.com RubberDogTurds

    Meh, just reminds me of any mine ride at a theme park, minus the tracks.

  • T

    I always wondered where the descendants of Ewoks lived.

  • B-cuz

    Welcome to the Hill-billy Hilton. May I take your stuff.
    Outhouse is ’round back.

  • tommybhoy

    Just one match……….

  • Amurika

    LOL@ #28

    I think what they really mean is “no lightning here please.”

  • aosux

    the girl in the swing looks very confident that the structure is stable, NOT

  • Equalizer

    It’s Peter Pan and The Lost Boys HQ

  • http://locker217.wordpress.com locker217

    i would love to live there.

  • reecedawg

    looks like a fun place to play hide and seek……

  • bomb23

    I see some code violations there… what municipality planning department do I report them to?

  • john

    my Realtor tried to sell me a mess like that ,i said , you’re fired lol

  • doo dah doo doo

    Calculon: I’m… not familiar with the type of thing I’m seeing.

  • Yup

    Its kinda weird to see something from my home town on the Chive. Kinda awesome too. 🙂

  • flooboo2

    Must’ve been a girl taking the pix…and she wasn’t allowed in!

    Now worthless after the housing collapse….

  • Jake

    That’s definatly a cool look, though I could probably tear the whole thing down with a few dozen baseballs.

  • ken

    More space than your average tree house. Maybe someone was denied their childhood cravings to make a tree house and when they grew up this is what happened?

    I don’t know about the safety railing on top of the tower. Looks pretty half assed (even by this house’s standards) to me.

  • eh

    Somebody had a major love for porches. If I was still a kid though, I would Totally want to explore…. regardless of danger. XD

  • naluukti


    • Duke

      East Tn.

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