What can I say, GIFS

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  • cat21

    first…ouhh yeahhh

    • dt520

      douchebag… ouhh yeahhh

  • cat21

    i have a year being a fan of this page……and this one is my first gentleman….

  • Chris

    That last one is hilarious 😀

  • dlq

    dom joly! trigger happy TV

    • Ranger Danger

      lol I can’t stop laughin at that one

    • Hotdog Neck

      Trigger Happy TV was so great. I loved that show!

  • dt520

    #3 is fantastic, raptor nom noms air, then basketball court nom noms raptors face!

    • Mustafa_Beer

      Mr Raptor, thats why you don’t take a double dose of NyQuil before a game…

      • http://rubberdogturds.wordpress.com RubberDogTurds

        i prefer the one where the mascot eats the cheer leader

        • fourtwenty

          ^^^pervert. what kinda websites have you been looking at? adam sandler——>

  • ChrisDG74

    Douchebag gif. AHHHHHHHHH!!! Run!

  • ROK


  • Yaz

    FYI, #5 was a french goal keeper called Bernard Lama.
    Not that you care or anything !

    • Mauricio

      no, it wasn’t. No. 5 is Colombia’s Rene Higuita doing the scorpion kick in Wembley against England

      • MichaelGS

        you can tell it’s not the french ‘keeper because he’s not waving a white flag.

        #6 douche needs to smile when jennifer ellison is there (looks like her anyway)

        my car needs cleaning, might do a #11 just to see what reactions i get

    • FoBss

      he is not french douche, his real name is Rene Higuita

  • Matt

    hahaha oh man i LOVE these GIFs. They are my favorite!

  • zym

    Yeah, #7 bicycle guy!

    • Furthy

      #7…..whew, lucky break there, buddy.

      • flenin

        he couldnt have that situation more under control

  • ChrisDG74

    #1 – Predator – GREAT movie
    You need Jesse Ventura in there with a caption. “I ain’t got time to bleed”.
    Or Ah-nold, ” You’re one ugly mudda fucka”

  • top dog

    #4 ain’t funny at all, thats just bad parenting, on every level.
    #9, THATS FUNNY!!

    • UrDumb

      #4 bad parenting? I’d hate to live in your boring “no fun at all” house’. You fun Nazi! Don’t let em play sports they might skin a knee. Idiot

  • negativesm00th

    Best .gif page they have put out in a while.

  • justBeingMe

    #8 and #11 for the win!!!

  • ken

    #7 WOW! Bicycle dude must have really said his prayers that morning. Or maybe it was Carrie riding the bike.

    #11 LOL!

    French or Columbian Goalie really hot-dogging it on that play. Maybe his team was up like 3-0 at the very end of the game?

  • Equalizer

    #7 – is pure Luck
    #10 – is pure AWESOME!!!

  • aosux

    I thought that the raptor Gif was the funniest one I have seen in a while until I saw the little girl get pushed down the stairs by what I hope is not her father. Best Gifs set I’ve ever seen that lacks hot women

  • Spiderpig615

    Best goalie Evar!

  • Mattythegooch

    the dueche in #6 hangs in scottsdale and is nicknamed “The Frog”…not that you care.

  • ROFLCentral.com

    I lol’d at #8 #10 #11. I tried to laugh at 7 because of the bicycle transport just rolling through uneventfully but the accident itself bothered me too much, especially the backseat of the car that got rear-ended, something/someone fell out of it at the end.

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  • reecedawg

    great gifs….4 is child abuse….hahaha……..5 great save and 6 dousche of the year!!

  • ken

    Yeah, I always put my child in a safety seat before I push her down the stairs.

  • doo dah doo doo

    5, 6, 7 = epic win, epic fail, epic win. nice.

  • bad dad

    im gonna push my kid down the stairs. now that’s funny

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