STD propaganda from 1930-1940 was not subtle (34 Photos)

  • Polyhooka

    LOL booby trap

  • Vroom

    Hilariously sexist, but…………… still kinda true.

  • misainzig

    Devil In The Flesh looks like some retro porno.

  • Nameless

    The funny thing about 30 is that neither sailor is aware of the lady in the background.

  • Mo

    Sexist as hell. Made to seem like only women were to blame when on fact they were taken advantage of due to the poor economy of the time. There should have been a different approach, probably a moral and patriotic one.

  • Nicnac

    lessons from these posters:

    1) women are disgusting

    2) men need to be talked to like dumb kids


    • antyman

      1) you are an asshole, second men are just childrean

  • Sheng

    Awesome ads, they don’t make this good old ads anymore 😦 Today’s ads show you tons of disgusting pictures to traumatize the people.

  • myragehush

    Remember the Hitler is AIDS poster?

  • aosux

    What is with the doll in #10?

  • marvelgirl

    These ads are horribly sexist. They’re all aimed towards “good, clean” men, warning them of dirty, diseased “good-time” girls. Where do they think these women got VD in the first place? So f-ed up.

    • UrDumb

      That is an ignorant thing to say. It is the same as the chicken and egg. Who knows what came first the VD man or the VD woman.

      Dumb broad^

  • a little to the left

    so the obvious thing to do according to these posters is… only have “sex relations” with other good strong clean manly soldiers/janitors/guys in gas masks

    so all those poor straight men are doomed.

  • HellHathNoFury

    Little girls are the devil!
    But guys can’t wait to get in our ‘disgusting’ pants.

    • somerandomguy

      Watch out guys ! she may look clean but…

      • UrDumb

        Her hand is covering up a large growth on her shoulder caused by VD!

        True story.

  • top dog

    It would have taken more than that to stop me, I kept some rain coats with me.

  • Joeyk

    Dont have sex, because you will get pregnant and die..

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  • showtownman

    These aren’t all 1930 – 1940. Some are WWI and at least one of them – #34 – is well after WWII.


    I don’t get how people think these are sooooo sexist. All they are saying is don’t have random sex with a person you don’t even know.

  • Save the beaver

    Now comes the mother of all pussy dwellers, AIDS

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  • youdummy

    Take your syphilis shots, score a milf. That’s how it is.

  • yeah

    this is by far the funniest pics ever whoa LOL…jesus lmao

  • ken

    Sexist? They are targeting American GIs. The target market were males so of course the ads would reflect that. Why would the campaign incorporate a woman’s point of view when the target of the ads were all male?

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