Wow..just….wow (32 Photos)

  • WeaponXIV

    the diet water sounds kinda good

    • Rusty

      Thumbs down for being an idiot

  • Anonymous

    I wish my girlfriend would get squared away, too.

  • Southern Fried Cali Boy

    #9 is your traditional redneck hot tub, all it takes is a tarp, duct tape, and a garden hose or something equivalent. (all easily accessible from any rednecks lawn) tape the tarp to the truck bed, fill it with water, and then tape the hose to the exhaust pipe and viola! redneck hot tub.

    • Az

      Those traditional rednecks all look a little to gay for my liking

    • doo dah doo doo

      do traditional rednecks have VW pickup trucks? this has gotta be some eurotrash implementation of the redneck traditions.

  • SaintxXxAsh

    “Do you accept a collect call from GUESS WHERE I’M CALLING FROM!?”

    ps. it’s friiiiiday!

  • Dom

    #28, Seal’s on a boat bitch!

  • MichaelGS

    Some of these belong in an awesome post. ‘Old Man Logan’ will never be the same whenever I read it now xD

  • Equalizer

    Mushroom is cool

  • top dog

    In #22, Can I buy a “T” please?

    • SaintxXxAsh

      i wasn’t aware the letter ‘T’ was a vowel now ;]

    • A-Ron

      There’s already one T up there.

  • jhsketch

    Crazy stuff

  • Tyler

    correction #22: win

  • RubberDogTurds

    these r lame… i guess everyone’s lazy on fridays

  • Jon without the h

    Four dudes in the back of a small truck filled with water without any chicks in sight? No, that’s not gay at all.

  • Nicnac

    #21 #22 Chipmunk to stormtrooper patrol: They were huge ships. BIG TIES!

  • The Don

    #23, the reason to have a full floating axle… A semi float, as shown, isn’t really holding the wheel on all that well. It’s always a barrel of laughs to have your rear tire race you down the road.

  • Boooger

    Is this the traditional “all pictures we hare already used twice before” post?

  • lfsg

    #26 Ironman looks like a cobra

  • Lanyard

    I don’t get #18…

    • thatsnotausername

      could be interrupted as ‘Teacher Touches the Student’ … took me a minute too

  • Ash

    Where did all the toad icons come from?

  • jon

    I wanna rape all you dudes hard.

  • dt520

    Diet water is real, they put tapeworms in it.

  • room406

    #8 is outstanding, as is SaintsXxAsh’s photo. (blush)

    • SaintxXxAsh

      WHO DAT! i be reppin dem Saints!

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