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  • Chris

    #11 wtf is going on in there? there did that pole come from?

    • Huh

      Was going to ask the same thing. WTF happened there?

      • Lionhearte

        In soviet russia, door slams you.

    • Anonymous

      The door was hungry for Chinese food

      • Mephistopheles

    • Alex

      It has to be some kind of mechanical failure, a motor malfunction of some sort. Three panes of glass colapse on the person entering from camera side, that would be difficult to do without some kind of motorized assistance. I’m not revlovling door expert, but that would be difficult to do with two people pushing on it.

      • hMMMM

        Yeah, guy…mechanical failure on a manually-revolving door.

    • Trent

      You can see someone trying to enter from the outside, but they weren't paying attention and are coming in the wrong way. They are pushing against each other and the guy outside wins.

  • Anonymous


  • tom

    What happens in 11?

  • Anonymous

    wtf happened in number 11?

  • Chris

    #4. That’s a logical place to put a crane… too bad people have such dirty minds 😀

  • Knoster

    #11: the rotating doors come together cuz of a malfunctioning and they sandwich the dude causing the glass to break ^^
    I knew where it happenend once, but I forgot 😮

  • Dub


  • CunningLinguist

    #2 how about this hell strung mixture, spun on the bones of fornicators, and the flesh of the damned!! zoigas, boigas, i just got bit by the love bat, and its driving me maaad!!! how about that one? no?? what about this one? take it easy, shes my lady and thats the—-no? ok…. im just gonna go out the front door…is that ok?

  • Equalizer

    I hope the blond girl is ok

    • RubberDogTurds

      i’m sure she is… she looks good at bouncing back

    • dijtial101

      I’ve actually seen the whole video of the girl on the ATV on one of the home movie shows, the gif cut off the best part, when she sits back up her tits have come out of her top, which would have made a much better gif

  • PJ

    Your GIFs are getting lamer and lamer.

    Get better ones.

  • Bianka

    11 is because some stupid dude came in the wrong side… watch carefully!

    • HellRazer

      You certainly have amazing powers of observation. Nice catch.

  • top dog

    In case you’re wondering, thats why they call him Optimus Prime.

  • ken

    Any chance the girl in #9 didn’t need a nose job after that?

    #11 We need the conspiracy theorists out here on that one. Was there more than one shooter, an aborted alien abduction? CIA assassination?

  • fourtwenty

    Left handed guitar players make me laugh. It just looks funny. I heard the mario warp sound on #10. Rodney Dangerfield——>

  • Anonymous

    the way all three doors slammed in together.. I would guess it was a huge gust of wind from outside that broke the doors of the middle bit

  • isawoj

    Is #1 from a Kids in The Hall sketch?

    • dijtial101

      satan is from SNL it’s Will Ferrell

  • aosux

    That guy will never use revolving doors again, guaranteed

  • Anonymous

    Satan wouldn’t play a strat, sillies

  • Kennydmac

    I like the explanation of the gust of wind. If you watch the doors, the ones on the sides slide in at about the same time. The guy walking in wouldn’t be able to move the door on his side and the one on the other side. Additionally, if you look at the people waiting to step in the door, you can see their clothes puff out like they just caught a gust of wind on them. As far as the beam, I got no clue…..

  • anonymous

    11. I think this is what happens…
    -from inside man walks in revolving doors
    -from outside person walks into revolving doors
    -both people are pushing panes, stuffs up
    -panes sandwich man inside walking out

  • z28js

    The metal beam seems to be part of the door frame. You can see it at the left as the ill-fated door panel comes its doom.

  • Always Last


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