• Rich

    World Cup Football soon to start…
    Football. It’s not soccer. Football is where you kick the ball most of the time with your feet my American friends. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Not the football where you spend most of the time carrying it while wearing armour. Which is kind of like our Rugby. Except we don’t need armour. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Cam

      Soccer players might not have any armor, but they also don’t have any dignity when they’re flopping around on the ground trying to draw a foul.

    • ChrisDG74

      I agree. I’m foaming at the mouth waiting for the World Cup to start, and I’m an American.

    • Gibby

      thanks for the lesson….

      lets take a rugby team and put them up against the average 6 ft.+ 250lb.+ american football team. The rugby players will get squashed, or will be begging for “Armour” two totally different sports/ body types

      • Nato2101

        that would be interesting to see. I bet your warmly wrapped lads would be in for a big surprise. I know a few American guys who figured rugby would be a breeze for them when they came over here, and lets say that had to rethink pretty quickly.

      • Pierre

        it’s football. americans can call it soccer, whatever. Football is a lot about emotions, supporters “live” the game. obviously, not every game. I have not seen anything even remotely close to that in the US-Sports. You think your sports are the best, like your food. Let me inform you that for many people in the rest of the world they appear superficial and don’t provoke much emotions.

        @ Gibby. You’re a lunatic ! That would be like Bodybuilders (American Football) against Boxers (Rugby). American football players would get their asses whooped. Big time !

      • john

        Poor thing to say…Ruby players are mostly like American Football lineman only they can actually run and have athletic ability.

        • ...

          all the 6.6ft rugby players would maul the american ‘football’ players

      • sander

        you litterally made me lol ๐Ÿ™‚ you think that your armored pussies can stand even half a chance against people who do it without armor all the time? you're a f*cking idiot.. rugby players are also 6 ft, 250lb you know… and with them it isn't fat, it's muscle

    • h

      Just to put an end to the whole name thing. The term “soccer” came from Oxford scholars, which is in England, in the 1880’s. It became the “-er” term for the sport’s full name “associated soccer.” A name made to differentiate it from “Rugby Football” and “Gridiron Football.”

      • h

        And by the name “Associated soccer” I mean “Associated Football”


  • Anonymous

    Come on douches and douchettes – if americans like football too, then let them call what they want it – as long as they can chant properly. We don’t have to be so eurotrash about it. Converesly, american football is not “tougher” or any other variant of the word than football. Just running against eachother in padding is nothing compared to getting tackled footfirst with your feet doing a 360 in their joints.

    So yeah, to each his own.

  • Snowman

    @Gibby Let’s try it the -other- way round. Strip the americans of the protective ‘armor’, and put them against an Aussie rugby team….
    They’ll wake up in the morning with a splitting headache – or a split scull ๐Ÿ˜‰
    PS.: I am -not- a football/american football/rugby fanatic.

  • Jin

    The Beautiful Game…

  • Jake

    YES! That is all.

  • Anonymous

    There is nothing wrong with soccer or rugby but the impacts of american football are completely unmatched by any other sport. As far as the pads…ask anyone who has ever played if a helmet is used for protection or a weapon. Getting hit with a helmet by a 275lb linbacker who runs a 4.4 forty will cause much more damage that it can prevent.

    • aosux

      Um, hockey hits can be much more brutal just by the nature and speed of the game

      • Klitschko

        What kind of impacts ? Getting hit by a profesional heavyweight boxer is equal to getting hit by a swinging sledgehammer. Yes, sledgehammer.

  • g*

    Sure would be nice if it actually went “fullscreen”.

  • Verbal Kint

    You expect me to watch 4 1/2 minutes of that? pass.

    • Verbal Kint

      I hate it when people don’t get the joke.

  • hoolabird

    beautiful to watch. thanks chive.

  • Evergreen

    Soccer is for the kids that can’t hit the curve ball.

    • archie goodwin

      or kids who are in shape and have good taste in the games they choose to play.

    • sander

      how can people be so ignorant…? oh right, you're american.. forget i asked ๐Ÿ™‚

  • aosux

    If soccer was like this video, I might watch it

  • Floopa_Joopa

    That’s why it’s called the Beautiful Game. Brought tears to my eyes. :*)

    Let’s go, Argentina!

    • archie goodwin

      I would think that Argentina would win the cup as they have the most talented team but that idiot, scumbag Maradonna will find a way to wreck your chances. I still can’t believe Cambiasso got left off the roster.

      • Foreigner

        I contradict. Spain has the most talented team. Granted, Argentina has Messi the most talented single player, but still..

        • archie goodwin

          Spain is merely stronger in the keeper postion. Defense is about equal. Argentina’s attack is superior, midfield is equal. Xabi Alonso is spains most important player, without him Spain is finsihed. Argentina can win without Messi.

          • Warble

            Hey pal, can I get some of that shit you’re smoking

            • Blimpyboy

              Argentina’s midfeild is not very good, Spain have the best midfield in world football, are you familar with xavi hernadez and andres iniesta??? Spain also have two of the best strikers in the world. messi agureo and tevez cant do it all alone so the argies wont win. anyone but france.

  • Bobinski

    … if “football” was this exciting 99.9% of the match …
    This is why watching sports highlights is so much more interesting.

    • hmm

      that;s just your opinion, 89% of the rest of the world’s population thinks otherwise.

      • Nateb123

        Most of that 89% can’t afford anything more than an improvised ball and some imaginary posts. Of course that’s the game they’ll be interested in.

    • sander

      ph yeah and american football is sensation from the beginning till the last second right? especially because whenever the person holding the ball falls, the game stops….

  • inter

    1 week from today the Cup begins, so close, and i got spain or italy winning it all, argentina is good, but mostly due to messi, lacking defense my friend. Oh and soccer players are some of the best athletes in the world, average mid fielder runs 8 miles a game.

    • archie goodwin

      Italy, no way. Spain maybe. Brazil, probably but I hope not. I think this will be Holland’s cup.

      • Postbote

        Ha ! Holland ! Don’t lose touch with reality my friend. Everybody with just a little football knowledge knows that Holland is The Best National Team to Never Win a World Cup

  • Libertariandude

    The Most Beautiful Game. I’m rooting from Spain, they deserve it.

  • nomad78

    Whats the name of the song?

    • someguy

      sames as the chorus of the song..

  • Anonymous

    its called passing.
    not assisting.

    • Blimpyboy

      An assist is the pass that sets up a goal you complete retard.

  • Anonymous


  • xaviermacias

    not football, not soccer, but FUTBOL !! Great video, and the anonymous post before mine is right, is a pass, not an assistance…

  • Evergreen

    Ah Soccer, the lasting legacy of British Imperialism.

  • goldeare

    football, the way it was meant to be played

  • sesshoumaru1225

    I just want to see one day this kind of soccer (Football) in mexico like this, it is real playing and not the fking actors they are for the fouls and weepings

  • maqda7

    This is football at one of it many fine moments. Great Video

  • Rust

    French to go out in first round

    /bitter ireland fan

  • Geoff

    Very entertaining clip. The trouble is all the good goals in the world cup could be compressed into a few minutes to save us the time of sitting through 96 hours of tedium and injury feigning.

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