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Christopher Uminga’s angsty comic book heroes (16 photos)

Check out Christopher Uminga’s website for more amazing artwork and reasonably priced prints for sale.

  • HellHathNoFury

    *gasp* Deadpool *gasp*
    Creepy, kind of emo, but cool.

    • bar

      HHNF-> you work in Bremerton or Bangor?

      • HellHathNoFury

        PSNS, Bangor, Whidbey, Indian Is, etc. They move me around alot since I haven’t been ‘adopted’ yet.

        • bar

          Cool, neighbor. When it gonna stop raining??!!

          • HellHathNoFury

            Really. Felt great on the sunburn I got topside the other day, when it was 80 then pouring, haha!

        • Anonymous


    • jeff in Australia


      • HellHathNoFury

        How bout this, Jeff: I’ll never go out in public again, or online again, or tell anyone my name for fear of meeting a stalker. It’s highly more likely to meet a Ted Bundy passing me in the street, who has never before seen or spoken to me than online. I’ll go hide in the corner and erase my entire existence now.

        • MichaelGS

          think he’s refering to stalkers like yours truely here… we all know that turned out terribly

  • Anonymous

    apparently emo can be awesome.

  • BangBoomCrash

    These are pretty effin’ killer

  • Equalizer

    Reminds me of Teen Titans

  • pirateburke

    the batman villians look awesome

  • Furthy

    I was hoping that Gambit & Rogue would be in here.

    • @ Furthy...


  • stafferty

    Ninja Turtles are the shit, but these just do not seem right. WHY DO EMOS RUIN EVERYTHING I LOVE?

  • winston002

    now availible at your nearest hot topic.

    super heros for weird kids

  • Leif Erikson

    The amount of talent this guy has is insane, i like he’s emo heroes

  • Anonymous

    #12 is going to give me nightmares.

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  • Dave

    Wonder Woman looks like a little sister from bioshock!!

  • MichaelGS

    just checked his site. you posted the worst of the pics to choose from. theres better ones 😦

  • shanna

    love!!!! now to go check out his site 😉

  • nudork

    I love this post! I love what he did to the batman characters!

  • MeTaL Mike

    cool 😀

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  • Guest

    I know Chris. He's not emo at all. Without knowing he's an artist, and only looking at his physicality, you'd probably call him a bro or jock or something. Just because something has a darker feel doesn't make it emo. People always just want to label and dismiss things instead of take it at face value for what it is.

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